1.0 Introduction to Banner Health & Healthcare Industry

1.0 Introduction to Banner Health & Healthcare

Across all states, many district organizations provide health
care in the United States. In US, private sector businesses largely own and
operate health care facilities. About 58% of hospitals in US are non-profit,
21% of hospitals are government owned, and 21% of hospitals are for revenue and
profit. As per the data collected in 2014 by the World Health Organization
(WHO), the United States spending on health care per capita ($9,403) and on
health care as percentage of its GDP (17.1%) is more than any other nation.

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Banner Health is among 58% all non-profit health systems in
the United States. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona. As a nonprofit
organization, it exists to support its charitable mission of providing
excellent health care services to the communities it serves, rather than to
generate income for investors or stockholders. About 28 hospitals and
facilities, that are specialized in different areas of health care, spanned
across 6 states come under Banner Health system. It is one of the largest
health system in the United States with over 50,000 employees and largest
health system in Arizona state. It provides emergency care, hospice care, long-term
care, home care, laboratories, rehabilitation services, out patient services, hospital
care, primary care, and pharmacies. Banner Health system reported assets of
$6.4 billion and revenues of $4.9 billion in 2010.

1.1 Recent Acquisitions and Investments of Banner

The primary need of new capital in Banner Health system is the
maintenance of and improvement in existing products, facilities, and products.
In last few years, Banner has moved beyond maintenance and invested in emerging
technology and innovation to provide excellent patient care. For instance,

·  Banner Health has invested in a
multi-year project, Our Care Transformation initiative, worth more than $100
million, that unites practices with cutting edge technology in clinical care such
as automated alerts, computerized physician order entry systems, and electronic
medical records to provide better care to patients.

·  Banner Health’s investment in its 28
hospitals and facilities over the years has made them part of an elite group of
hospitals in the United States amidst prevalent electronic medical record

·  Banner invested in a program called
iCare, that is present in all intensive care unit beds across the seven states,
in remote audiovisual and information technologies to form a remote monitoring
solution to continuously monitor patients remotely.

·  Banner’s invested in the field of
child birth to ensure safety of women in labor process by using OB system
technology that sends alerts when there are any contraindications in care. It has
improved clinical documentation and labor tracking system.

·  Banner’s investment in Robotic
technology has helped patients to recover quickly after surgery. Robotic
technology provides options to surgeons other than traditional during

·  Banner Health invested in the United
States’ one of the largest Simulation Education Program. This program has
helped millions of health are professionals by providing the trainings on
clinical care.

·  Banner Health merged with the
University of Arizona Health Network in Tucson to form Banner – University
Medicine in 2015. This merger has helped many students of medicine research,
teaching, and patient care as part of academic medicine.

2.0 Current challenges of
Banner Health

the organization is growing with various mergers and acquisitions and with an eye
on the future to work with edge cutting technologies to provide better
facilities to patients across the country challenges are bound to come in the
journey. One of the challenges or a step in improving its services is to have singular
customer experience across all lines of service. Today’s landscape contains
aging and redundant systems supporting different business segments for both
customer facing and internal applications. Banner Health’s rationalization
effort will be focused on replacing, retire, modernize or consolidate
applications across the portfolio of around 200 small, medium and large
non-clinical applications.

Health wishes to drive cost savings in application and infrastructure
maintenance and support by consolidating the application portfolio across the
enterprise and improving business and customer continuity. It wants to identify
the applications with Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally
Identifiable Information (PII) data and tag the applications with security and
access related vulnerabilities.

3.0 Technologies in
Healthcare Industry & Banner Health


Banner Health is currently using
mainstream technologies, that are being used widely in Healthcare Industry, to cater
its requirement of portfolio management. The various pros of these technologies
are listed below.


Portfolio Management (SPM)

– Helps to integrate various
lifecycles of software under one portfolio

– Predicts budget and compliance
challenges to strategize action in advance

– Modernizes portfolios of vendors,
services and applications to obtain accountability

– Provides efficiency in software load

– Estimates software feasibility and plans
future roadmap

– Interacts with users to get regular
feedback on SPM functionality


Portfolio Management (ITPM)

– Focuses more on Professional

– Provides flexibility to configure,
develop and implement solutions in minimal time

– Interacts with users to provide
solutions to their product problems

– Helps to develop out of box approach
to customize the portfolio

– Has version control feature in
roadmap presentations

– Users can raise tickets as per
classification codes and reference fields


Service Management (BSM)

– Defines requirements, business
process, information process and IT process

– Adapts to new situation as required
without failure

– Eases integration of standard APIs,
application processes and tools

– Provides technical support to its
users in real time

4.0 Introduction to solution
involving cutting-edge technology


Mainstream technologies are perfect
solution to current challenges of Banner Health with some improvements. But to accommodate
the growth in field of customer interaction Front end application development is
the best answer to the challenge. Front end as name suggest is the face of the
application, thus visible to customers, that has features to take inputs from
the customers, users, and anyone who has permission to access the application. Front
end applications can have features related to any department of organization
such as Marketing, Laboratories, Clinical health center. There are various
technologies present in the market that uses software, such as open source-
free software that can be used without giving any subscription fee and closed
source software- software for which license must be purchased from the parent
company to use, to help companies to develop applications. Some technologies to
develop front end applications are listed below.


·  React.js

It is an open
source JavaScript library

Useful to develop
user interface for web applications that have data that changes over time


·  Node.js

It is a frame work
that encompasses complete environment

Helps in cases
where large number of simultaneous connections to deliver high performance
network are require


·  Ruby on

Ruby on Rails (RoR)
is free of cost and runs on Linux operating system that is also open-source

Biggest advantage
is that it is easy to use compare to all the scripts available to develop web
based application


·  Symphony

Provides a PHP
framework that is useful to create scalable websites that are flexible to
changing business requirements

Works with
largest open source platforms such as PHPBB, Piwik, and Drupal



ASP.NET is a powerful
tool for creating dynamic websites, rich web applications and web portals.

.NET is an open
source framework with market share is close to 15%


·  CakePHP

CakePHP is an
open source web development framework that can help in developing web
applications in a structured and rapid manner

documentation and practical guides are available with the framework to make
coding or development of web site easy


5.0 Goals

5.1 Project Goal

To provide single customer experience
through user interface portal across all lines of service with identification
of applications on the lines of PCI, PHI, and PII data.

5.2 Personal Goal

As a team member, I figured a few goals, related to specific
tasks, to achieve as listed below.

·  Knowledge
Transfer– Being in a team with my fellow
batchmates that are having common interest as here it is in Health Care industry,
I would like to learn as much as possible from them as well as like to share my
knowledge with them along with the delivery of usable solution to the client.


·  Client
Interactions– We will have
the unique opportunity to interact with the client to understand its
requirements, user stories, technology, and financial constraints. I would like
to learn and implement my learnings from my experience in the process.


·  Team
Dynamics- Working in a consulting team will
have its own challenges. I would like to utilize my skillset to provide support
to my teammates and to learn from them.


·  Project
Delivery- Paramount task is to deliver high
quality project to the client. It would be a target to consider delivering the
project well before the time.


·  Time
Management- We as a team are
aware about the value of time. Utilization of team meetings, client meetings,
and faculty meetings to productive work must be achieved.


·  Roles- As certain roles are defined for team members
to picked from, I would like to work efficiently in the role that I have never
had the chance to work as before. This challenge will help me grow as well help
me understand the responsibilities of the role.


·  Presentation
skills- I would like to enhance my
presentation skills through this course. As the platform to work on
presentation skills is well set.


Knowledge- As from the scope, we
will have the chance to work on web development technologies. I would like to
learn more about usage of these technologies.


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