1. a specific business management and support system

1. Proposed Information System Functions:

The proposed information system for the given organization is
an advance enterprise information system. The organization is currently having a
system within its environment that is already outdated, technically not
developed enough and inefficient. The proposed system will be working on the upgradation
of the existing information system in order to enhance the business of the
organization (Abbasi, Sarker & Chiang, 2016). The employees will be able to
use the information for communication of authority and supervisors. In order to
achieve that, the company will need to develop and upgrade the current
information system with more technical equipments (Whittington, 2014). The
system will have cloud based electronic data management systems integrated
within it.

All the organizational data will be stored within the cloud
server and managed by cloud data management tools. The system will be having a specific
business management and support system within itself for providing better
result regarding data analytics, business insight, market analysis and others (Wager,
Lee & Glaser, 2017). The system will also auto check the staff attendance
automatically. Based on the attendee report submitted by HR, that includes the week-offs
and leaves of the staff, the system will manage and sort the data before
sending it into the cloud server for storage. The server will also be connected
to all the systems on which the employees are working on for the purposes of
monitoring and control. In addition, the information system will also reduce
the requirement for manual data management and auditing.

2. Types of Data and Ensuring Data Quality:

The system will be consisting of the following types of

Employee Data: These data will be
the personal details of the employees who are working for the organization and
will be stored in the cloud database (Cassidy, 2016). However, the system will
not provide any of the personal information of the employees to any external
user or agent.

Business Data: The system will
mainly be required for storing and managing daily business data including
business records, daily transaction details, market trend and others.
Furthermore, a data analytics system can be used for regular management and
auditing of business and market data for the benefit of the organization.

For the proposed information system, a cloud based
architecture is to be developed. The cloud will provided unlimited amount of
virtual storage space in addition to other useful functions like data
management and data operations (Galliers, & Leidner, 2014). The data
operations and management performed by the cloud are highly efficient and
faster than regular manual methods.

Ensuring Data Quality: The project manager
will acknowledge the data, which are most required at the beginning of the
project. During data planning all the ways possible to collect data has to be
considered. The system will consist of various validation process to accept
only accurate data. The data inputted will be analyzed to identify the errors.

3. Comparison with the Old Information System:

The old information system is not very efficient in
performance and is also backdated. The features of the old information system
in comparison to the new proposed system are as follows.

The old information system relies on physical
storage spaces like hard disks and flash drives that provide only limited
amount of storage space. However, with the growing business of the
organization, the amount of data to be stored is also increasing day by day (Hashem
et al., 2015). On the other hand, the new information system will provide
unlimited storage space due to the cloud based architecture model.

In the old information, the data management and
operations are done manually i.e. the entire data entry and auditing process is
executed by manual work force. Hence, the process is extremely slow and is full
of manual errors. The new system, on the other hand, will be much faster and

The old information system does not require
regular maintenance as the features of the system are only limited. The new
information system is to be maintained on a regular basis in order to keep it
up to date and running.

4. Enterprise information system and information

Information technology is currently
playing a massive role in the business organizations. It is bringing massive
improvements in various aspects of business including analytics, data
management, data storage, business operations, market prediction and others.
Many business organizations have successfully deployed information systems that
enhanced their businesses as well as revenues by a significant margin (Pearlson,
Saunders & Galletta, 2016). The overall benefit of using information is
that the operations time becomes much lower whereas the efficiency rises
significantly. Australian large scale organizations like Wesfarmers have
implemented cloud based ERP system that has given them a suitable business
structure for establishing business continuity and maintain their supply chain
over various stores all over Australia. Another Australian company named Red
Rooster has implemented CRM system for enhancing their reach to the customers
thus increasing brand attraction and value. All these systems have been
developed with the help of information systems and cloud based architectures.
The layers of benefits that the organizations gain from information system are
as follows.

System Efficiency: Information
systems are much more efficient that manually handled systems. In a manually
handled system, one man can perform one task at a time in one system only. On
the other hand, in an automated information system, one particular system can
perform hundreds of tasks together and also within a very short period of time
(Peppard & Ward, 2016). In addition, the operations done by the system are
also much more accurate than manually handled operations.

Cost: Due to increased
efficiency of the system, the costs of wages needed to be paid to the employees
are no more required as fewer workforces will then be needed. The main cost of
the system will be one time investment made during installation of the system.


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