1. allows full1080p shoots at 30 frames a

1.      Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70 

With Panasonic LUMIX DMC- FZ70, it’s a matter of speed over originality. Equipped with everything digital cameras have to offer these days, this camera is basically a go-to for those people who need to shoot from far away, for instance, birding, whale watching or perhaps capturing any wildlife or sports, all thanks to its super cool and almost huge 60x zoom lens. It also has a 16MP1/2.3 CMOS sensor that delivers in terms of quality even from a very long distance. Another notable feature is the attention to detail when it comes to videos; LUMIX-FZ70 allows full1080p shoots at 30 frames a second that too both In AVCHD and MP4 format. How cool is that?

Also, there’s a detailed menu dedicated to editing and tweaking which makes it a crowd pleaser. Furthermore, the strategic placing of the microphone and camera is quite impressive; also, it has a third party flash in case you don’t want to use the basic one while shooting videos.

2.      Nikon COOLPIX B700 

This one is the crowd favourite right now. With features like a 60x zoom and raw shooting, there’s nothing like COOLPIX B700 in the market presently.  SnapBridge, one of the relatively new and most notable features of this model allows you to transfer pictures very easily from one device to other with the help of Bluetooth. Also, it has a very cool viewfinder and clear screen which is a big plus point. With its 20Megapixel resolution, there’s nothing that cannot be captured by this camera. Nikon B700 has an extremely long-lasting battery life and hence, makes your travels easier. There’s also an additional programme that has a variety of modes and comes in handy while editing and keeps the untouched original.  

In all, Nikon is a very user-friendly camera, all thanks to its detailed control panel and new additions such as SnapBridge and viewfinder. These features are probably the reason that not only amateurs but professionals are opting for it as well. Also, the enhanced battery will surely make your life easier, at least that one thing you don’t have to worry about while travelling with this beauty.

3.     Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300/BC


The new addition to the Sony family, Cyber-shot DSC HX300 is an impressive 20 megapixel and a zoom range like nothing I’ve seen before. Although the camera is fairly large and heavy and even a little unbalanced because all the weight comes from the lens, the well formed grip, gives it the much needed support. Also, the camera has a fair number of control settings, small zoom adjustments can be made from around the lens barrel. There’s another custom button on the top which is used for exposure lock, metering and smile shutter. You can also adjust the autofocus with the button next to the one mentioned above. Juggling all these features can be a little tiresome at times.


Photographers and amateurs really like this model because of its super-long zoom range which allows them to capture even the far off subjects with utmost perfection and clarity. Also, this makes it one of the best cameras for bird photography and anything else that involves distance.


4.     Fujifilm FinePix S8600

The perfect marriage of long zoom at 36x, quick autofocus and HD video, this model is perfect for any setting.  It has a rather newly added collapsible lens which automatically compacts if not in use, hence making it extremely light and portable. Also, the 25-900mm lens helps capture images with sharpness and at a relatively wide angle with minute details, all thanks to its Super Macro mode. Another top-notch feature, Fujifilm’ lens-shift allows to correct the blurry images and make them a little better. With the start up time of 1.7 seconds and a shooting interval of just 0.3 seconds it is one of the fastest cameras available in the market.

Users will particularly enjoy its full manual control and the variety of edits its offers. The camera also provides ultimate control with it is LCD preview before every shot.




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