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1. The spectator willingly immerses into the whole cinema viewing experience, as the darkness makes him focus on the big white screen in front of him, making his surroundings unimportant.2. We are not able to comprehend the reality as it is, as our sensors are not able to fully grasp the concept of time and space. We are constantly evolving and developing new concepts regarding science, philosophy and politics, as cinema becomes one of the most important art form of the modern world as it challenges our sense.3. The experimental Soviet films are very important as these forms of art break the traditional chain of merely acting, but instead challenges the viewer by juxtaposed images to force them to make connections, as works from important Soviet filmmakers like Sergei Einstein and Dziga Vertov are shown as examples.4. The surrealism, expressionism and Dadaism are forms of art that are a direct attack to the rigid corrupted society, making the viewer no longer passive but an active participant. Surreal situations, objects that have meaning, comedy, are the elements which these type of art forms address the public.5. The expressionism challenges the senses, as distortion and vulgar colors are the main elements that make the viewer think and not just view the film.6. The surrealism is meant to shock the viewer as nothing appears as what it seems and it is one of the most rebellious art forms against the constructed society, as the irrational is seen as a magical art form.7. Dadaism gives power to regular objects that are placed out of context or given a different form and shows that even the regular objects can become something more and a form of expression.8. The films have the power to distort time and space through flashbacks, flash-forwards, time freeze and even abruptly changing camera angles. Films manipulate space and time to create a magical world.9. The main aspect of the contemporary art is that it transcends conventional narration and returns to the more poetical aspect. As human beings are erratic and their behavior is unpredictable, so contemporary cinema can try to break the rules of conventional narration.10. The camera movement is what transformed the cinema and gave it importance. The minimal cinema was a big trend in the 1970s where the focus was on shots of actions that aren’t related or showing only objects, or just using a fixed camera showing a repetitive action.11. Language has been devalued in the visual culture as words become too many and too meaningless to carry a message. Avant-garde artists use silence or electronic music to transmit their message.12. Abstract art is capable in evoking strong feelings as it is not a typical form of art since it focuses on the surrealism and dadaism of things.13. Political cinema is by far the most subversive type of cinema as it focuses on changing the viewer’s perception of reality.14. The West tried to used the film in a political way however minimal films were questionable.15. In Eastern Europe the artists needed to create hidden messages in their movies which needed to be intercepted and deciphered by the viewer.16. The Third World cinema subversive is directed at the powerhouses and its main themes are poverty, oppression, betrayal.17. The most political films are from East Germany from the Nazi period and they were highly effective as they were widely spread.18. The Nazi Cinema uncovers a dark past for Germany and it stands as a message to all future generations as Mein Kampf written by Hitler explains mass manipulation and Triumph of the Will (Leni Riefenstahl, 1936) became one of the most known propaganda movies ever made.19.  Taboo films are still viewed with a certain fear, we choose to immerse ourselves into casual cinema, however, when taboo images are shown they create a mixture of shock, fear and danger.20. Over the years, the nudity taboo has become less of a shameful scene and more liberated cultures have films that contain nudity, however, full frontal is still frowned upon.21. The visual taboo of the sex act during a film has been conquest after a lot of bans and censorship, which is a big achievement for most artists.22. Other types of sexual taboos are harder or impossible to portray on films however nowadays homosexual and lesbian cinema went from underground to be mainstream.23. Birth scenes are still considered a taboo and they have been shown merely as part of the educational programmes, nowadays cinemas and tv are still reluctant to show such types of uncensored scenes.24. The death taboo was the ultimate taboo as in some countries was banned completely like in Nazi Germany, while the US government banned film records about the victims at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.25. Blasphemous films are banned straight from production or even before it starts as the cleric censorship system has a clear stronghold on these type of movies.26. The interestest in supernatural and witchcraft, the mystery and mythical has always been an attraction and highly depicted in subversive movies.27. The counterculture is the return of the man to his roots, back to nature and free love. The subversive cinema, through avant-garde films and some commercial cinema, do not merely try to entertain the viewer but make him an active participant by challenging him.28. Subversive films have a hard time to reach the public, although they are better spread in America, the interest is low, while in other countries they are limited since most of them are produced in 16mm.29. The subversive artist sees what’s wrong with society and creates subversive films to alter consciousness and spread his message.


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