[1] had sustained increase in the continents in

1 http://aa.com.tr/en/africa/turkey-stands-with-africa-in-quest-for-development/578727

Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.tr/turkey-africa-relations.en.mfa

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Article about Turkey’s Increased Engagement in Africa: The Potential, Limits
and Future Perspective of Relations by Sava? GENÇ and O?uzhan TEK?N: http://oaji.net/articles/2016/3041-1455610178.pdf

Article by Mehmet Özkan PhD Candidate at Sevilla University, Spain: http://turkishpolicy.com/dosyalar/files/MehmetOzkan-TurkeysRisingRoleinAfrica.pdf

To sum up this
topic, we can say that Turkey’s engagement in Africa has been one of the major
step taken to improve relations among African countries, also is one of the
responsibilities taken for reformation of Turkey Foreign Policy towards Africa.
It’s one of the strategy Turkey is undertaking to become active in Foreign
affairs. The increases in interest towards Africa comes after being neglected
for sometimes, and it suggests that Turkey will continue the efforts it has put
in Africa, the number of embassies of Turkey to Africa and that of Africa to
Turkey has increased significantly. Turkey plans of Africa do not only reach
agreement on paper but they are implemented and seen in the progress as the
case of Somalia as Recep Tayyip Erdo?an visited it in 2011, this and so many
other NGOs present in Somalia. Trade, and related issues such as business and
investments have had sustained increase in the continents in many countries
Including Burkina Faso and Ghana. The increasing number of humanitarian aids in
Africa especially on the region of Muslim populations have been the basis of
the operations of many of the Humanitarian aid group. Africa have catch up with
a positive response towards the proportional relation and is now in a partner
level with Turkey.

As explained
earlier in the introduction, Turkey is a suitable partner for Africa and its
people and since Turkey has no incentives of colonization, and rather its
incentives is only for trade which means increases trade activities for Turkey
abroad and also increases trade activities within Africa. There are so many
advantages for the relatiosn and the disadvantages are rather small and can be
avoided by effective management and planned engagements. Opportunities for both
Turkish and African businessmen, Africa also enable Turkey to increase trade in
global scale, since turkey wants to increases it investment globally,
increasing cooperation between Africa and Turkey as bilateral agreements
benefits the country also in terms of security, high mobility of people between
country, increased business and trade on individual level.


African reactions
to Turkey’s initiative have so far been a mixture of mild expectation and
confusion, nevertheless, the fact that Turkey does not have a colonial
background in the continent, and has emphasized an equal partnership, optimism
about the future has spread amongst African leaders. In May 2009 for the first
time the South African Department of Trade and Industry announced a study into
the potential for a free trade deal between the SACU and Turkey, In recent
years, African business in Turkey has also made serious inroads, especially in
the finance sector. For example, the South African Standard Bank has been
active in Turkey since 1999 and bought a Turkish broker dealer in 2002.
However, the major development occurred in 2007, when Standard Bank bought a
majority stake in Turkish investment banking and brokerage firm Dundas Ünlü,
with an initial 67% shareholding. South African president Mandela was having
issues with Turkey efforts into the country due to different reasons, however,
the country’s policies toward Turkey have changed under Mandela’s successor,
Thabo Mbeki. Prime Minister Erdo?an made the first visit by a Turkish head of
government to South Africa in March 2005, and in August 2008, former South
African Deputy-President Phumzile Mlambo-Nguka was among the 50 heads of state
at the first Turkish-African Summit in Istanbul. Apparently since June 2006, a
Turkish bid for Rooivalk was viewed by South African officials with a positive
prospect, as South African Minister of Public Enterprises Alec Erwin announced
in a press conference to promote the Rooivalk that “there would be a high level
of sharing in transfer of technology with Turkey…that applies to any
program we are involved in with Turkey, not only the Rooivalk,4

African responses

Among Turkish
humanitarian aid NGOs, IHH Foundation (?nsan Hak ve Hürriyetleri ve ?nsani
Yardim Vakf?) and TIKA are the most popular, actively providing food,
clothing, hygiene items, fuel, rent, shelter, health services, and clean water
in Africa.3

o   Humanitarian Aid Organizations

o   Turkish Schools

o   Tuskon: TUSKON, the Confederation of Businessmen and
Industrialists of Turkey, for instance, is an umbrella organization for seven regional
federations and 162 business associations, with more than 30,000 businesspeople
as members in Turkey.

The Role of Turkish NGOs and civil society in Africa

There has been an increase
of direct flight from Turkey to different countries in Africa including
Tanzania, and other from West Africa, all due to the high quality development
and good relation between Turkey and Africa. Turkey has done well so far,
fulfilling all what it promised and doing it best to do better, a good quality

Turkish Airlines
has become major international airline connecting the continent to the world
with a total number of flights to more than 50 destinations in 31 African


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