1. have. They have to recheck the past

Marvin was the Chief Executive Officer for
his association. Every one of the choices of his association which ought to be
taken where absolutely under his control. Some time recently, he used to offer
precisely at the settled cost contracts which thought to be for the most part
short contracts which haven’t demonstrates the affiliation progression rate
High emerged from substitute relationship in the market. In the end they have
another open door for long time which was not a brief contract. They can get high
pay from the new contract when contrasted with the previous one. In any
circumstance, Marvin and his gathering needs to consider that they ought to
perceive the customer’s necessities if not his contact aren’t any more
continued with a customer. This can help Marvin to make his association
climbing the methods which a high winning extent. Likewise, this will help his
temp to get move in the remuneration which a high spending wanders


Company should
be able to analyze the profit rate or loss rate. They should check the ability
with the                  manpower and funds they have. They
have to recheck the past profit bid and loss bid according to that they can estimate
the future projects.

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Before offering on the task Marvin and his
group should check a portion of the elements like:


What is the probability of winning on the off
chance that they offer on this venture?

Can they make benefit by offering in this

Do they have right presentation and labor in the
association to get benefits?

By offering on this, will the organization get
great presentation or will the organization get new customer relationship.

 After checking everything clearly about the
project and the client. If they think that they can get good profits and more
highly paid projects through this, then they can bid on the project. If they
think by bidding on this they can’t get more long term projects then it is
better for Marvin and his team to quit the bid.


As per the Discussion, Bidding on the project is good in
particular case where by this bidding the company should get more opportunities
and more profit rates, If not it’s better to quit the bid.


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