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1.please provide brief description of interactionParidhi had worked in my team for the last 2 years of her term at Google. As her direct manager, I have seen her demonstrate the problem solving and leadership skills necessary for success as a business manager. As a professional, she has done some outstanding work. She is one of the most promising employees I have mentored. Her openness and ability to take on new things to learn is commendable. An example is how she took on the vendor management role, a completely unfamiliar territory for her, and delivered excellent results. She has helped our team achieve many goals through her valuable input as well as through her persistent dedication to the work she does. For example, when she was coaching the email support team to deliver high customer satisfaction, she analyzed the gaps in performance of the agents, identifying the root cause of low performance as ‘lack of product knowledge’ and then developed a ‘refresher training’ plan for the team. Her creative insights helped us achieve our goal of increasing answer accuracy and of improving customer satisfaction. 2. compare performanceParidhi has handled especially complex assignments and has delivered far above expectations. Se provided exceptional value in one of our key OKR for the year. She set the ambitious goal of bringing social media support for AdWords, in addition to phone, chat and email, to the India teams. She negotiated the project with the global stakeholders, trained her colleagues to support the same and eventually piloted the launch of local language support as well.I don’t believe anyone else would have had the same creative skills and execution skills in delivering solutions, the same management ability in leading people towards what seemed to be an unreachable goal and the same dedication as her. I am glad that she was given the responsibility.Paridhi excels in leadership and teamwork. In one of her projects, she led a team of 3 in planning and executing a seasonal webinar series for our India Customers. She managed the project effectively, collaborated with multiple teams across the globe and kept her team motivated for timely completion of the work. Her initiatives towards customer education brought down unnecessary customer contacts to the support team, improving the overall efficiency of our team.3. describe the most imp piece of constructive feedback While Paridhi was project managing the social support piece at Google, she was doing a good job of planning and executing the plan, however, what lacked was timely update on the progress of the project to the stakeholders. She was given constructive feedback on the subject and we could see a considerable improvement in keeping her stakeholders informed either through emails or through meetings. She has been proactive in communicating his development needs to me and requesting coaching and feedback. This has enabled me to pay more attention to areas in which she needed help and guide him accordingly. I believe her initiative and thought leadership are a  source of her exceptional performance.4. anything elseParidhi has been a role model for her co-workers and peers in many aspects, including her ethical behavior. She is high on values and focuses on doing the right thing. She is a very principled individual who ensures that we are effectively questioning the system and doing the right thing for our business and our advertisers. For eg: She has always questioned and challenged the processes we have for billing our AdWords customers, putting the customer and his needs in front and working with the managers and product teams to introduce improved processes.We have discussed her goals of earning an MBA that will provide the global exposure and business skills to crank up her ability to be a business leader. I was not surprised when she requested this recommendation from me, it just made sense. Particularly because she has time and again worked with global teams in our company, her commitment to furthering her global business skills seems like the right move. MBA will be a great tool to give her that extra push to advance into upper management here.


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