1. yourself in many ways. -Factors that affect

Esteem is a lack in self-respect. People with a low self-esteem tend to not appreciate
themselves weather its for their traits or inner feelings. This can eventually
lead to depression, anxiety and even self-harm if it gets to an extreme level.
Self-esteem can be what you think about yourself in many ways.


-Factors that affect your self-esteem and health


Perfection: Usually people with a low self-esteem aim for perfection in
everything or else they think whatever they do is worthless and has no value in

self-image: They only see
the bad in themselves and are never satisfied with how they look. Because of
this insecurity starts overwhelming them.

Failure: They have a fear of failure so they always stay in their shells
and hate coming out of it to try new ideas in life, and so they just stay in
their own boxed mindset and hate opening up to new experiences and risks.

Comparison: Wherever they are in life they always compare themselves to other
people and constantly feel degraded. This worsens their mind set.

Anxiety: Believe it or not low self-esteem can be caused by a past
traumatic experience that someone went through and it starts to take over your
emotions and how you perceive everything.

communication: They are
socially inactive. And have trouble expressing how they feel so they let all of
their emotions pile up inside of them.

blaming: Everything that goes wrong you tend
to blame yourself for it even if you had nothing to do with it you always try
to find a reason to blame yourself for it.

Undeserving: You can’t accept happiness coming your way and you feel guilty for
the slightest things that you do.


-Some people may not know the seriousness that surrounds having a
low self-esteem and don’t know how intense it can get. Having a low self-esteem
can affect everything you do. Suicidal tendencies can eventually develop. This
topic doesn’t get the attention it deserves because people think it’s just
something that people feel when in reality its way more than that it affects
ones health in all the ways I listed and even more than that. This can happen
to anyone regardless of what age.








health history is an important aspect when it comes to one’s health and it has
everything to do with your health. It increases your chance of getting a
disorder, there are certain factors that can affect and increase your risk of
getting handed down a disorder such as genes, environment, and lifestyle. Common
disorders may include Cancer, Diabetes type1, Diabetes type2, Strokes,
cholesterol etc. 


-knowing your families health history is important in seeing the
seriousness of your risk of getting diagnosed. If someone has no health history
issues doesn’t mean they don’t have a risk of developing a disorder. This is
also important because you cannot change your family history so it is important
to be well aware of what they are so you can work on avoiding them.


-You can gather certain information to know the disorders that run
in your family’s history such as:


of  deaths and there reasons


ethnic background helps you tell the level of your risk for certain conditions.


habits may run in the family such as unorganized meal timings, Junk food
tendencies, etc. They inhabit one another’s behavior. And this can increase
your risk for getting diagnosed and this why it’s important to drop those


-this doesn’t count if they are not blood related relatives such as
stepsiblings or stepparents, spouses (unless they are blood related) and etc.


-you have to keep in mind that even if you don’t have family health
issue history you can still be the one to start it so that’s why it’s important
for you to obtain a healthy lifestyle.


-If you do have a family history health issues you can’t really do
anything about it since it’s in the past but what you can do is shape how your
families upcoming generations looks like by getting every family member on
board yo an improved life style.












What it is





-It is and
illogical fear of weight gain which can be a threat to ones life.

childhood trauma
-they can
take stereotypical body images to a severe extent.

-it is best
to get help from a professional that has been experienced before.

weight loss
-Very thin
-low blood

Binge eating

and abnormal amount of food with no control


anorexia its mostly in the mental state so its best to get professional help

-Over weight


large amounts of food in a short period of time and attempting to get rid of

-Fear of
gaining weight
 – they can take
stereotypical body images to a severe extent.

negative thoughts
-And getting
professional help to resolve emotions.

-Very thin
Bloody vomits












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