10 Day Placement Assignment Analysis From Snap Social Work Essay

SNAP is an administration that was set up in June 2008. It is a coaction of six administrations – Orwell Housing Association, Anglia Care Trust, Epic Trust, Ipswich Housing Action Group, Family Action and Together- Working for Wellbeing. Each employee of Snap is affiliated to one of the chief administrations and is an employee of merely one of the spouses. All six administrations tendered, and won the contract to supply CARA ( Central Access & A ; Referral Agency ) and non adjustment based lodging support. The coaction of the bureaus ensures a diverseness of accomplishments, cognition and experience. SNAP is responsible for support throughout Suffolk apart from those in the Waveney country. These referrals come through CARA but are so transferred to Flagship Housing to supply support.

SNAP ‘s primary purposes are to forestall homelessness, to back up people to develop accomplishments that will ease independent life and to forestall or help an person from being admitted to institutionalized adjustment.

The support SNAP provides may be accessed by anyone over the age of 16 every bit long as they are eligible to have public financess and have demands that are lodging related.

SNAP supports people for a upper limit of two old ages, up to three hours a hebdomad. The demands and advancement of the service user are reviewed every 13 hebdomads. If the service user still requires support after two old ages or is deemed to hold on-going demands so they are referred to other bureaus that will supply this.

Each administration that is involved in SNAP, has their ain policies and mission statements. The values that SNAP have taken as their ain are those of regard, unity, honestness and trust. There is no mission statement that applies overall, as each employee of SNAP is employed by one of the six bureaus, and it is the mission statement of that bureau that applies to the single employee.

SNAP has six support planning rules. The first of these is that the support provided is individualistic. This is a traditional societal work value originally put frontward by Biestek ( 1961 ) . This value means that the worker should recognize and understand each service user ‘s alone qualities and state of affairs and take these into history at all times.

SNAP besides advocates individual centred therapy. This attack originated from Carl Rogers ( Rogers, 1942 ) and is from the humanistic school of psychological science. This theory involves the procedure of supplying the service user with unconditioned positive respect, empathy and openness as it is these that empower the service user and ease their ability to work out their ain issues.

SNAP works in an inter-professional mode. Referrals received by SNAP are from a battalion of bureaus due to the diverseness of service users and their demands. Catch is merely able to back up those who have troubles in keeping a occupancy and anything that does non fall within this remit requires SNAP to signpost the service users to other bureaus. Furthermore, the support provided may affect SNAP interceding with other bureaus that may be relevant in the service user ‘s life.

All SNAPs intercessions are Task centred ( Reid & A ; Shyne 1969 ) . SNAPs support is classed as short term even though it can go on for up to two old ages. Undertaking centred attack to intercession is normally done on a much shorter term footing, normally six hebdomads. SNAP and the service user both agree their functions and duties during the support ; this is in the signifier of a papers that makes clear to the service user and the support worker, what each will make during the support. This is signed by both at the oncoming of support. This is in line with the undertaking centred attack and makes clear what troubles need to be addressed and eachs ‘ function in making this. As all of SNAPs service users are sing jobs with respect to lodging, this job work outing attack is both practical and relevant. At each 13 hebdomad reappraisal, SNAP ensures that advancement is being made and the service users ‘ demands are reassessed. Some of the referrals that are made to SNAP, involve service users in a crisis state of affairs, peculiarly if at hand eviction is likely. The undertaking centred attack is similar to crisis intercession ( Caplan & A ; Lindemann -Kanel, 2003, p.14 ) although crisis intercession has a more psycho-dynamic attack, advancing psychological growing as opposed to task centred theory, which is more based on the apprehension that a crisis provides the motive to move. Both crisis intercession and undertaking centred attacks involve job resolution.

SNAP treats its service user in a non judgemental mode. This is one of Biesteks ( 1961 ) traditional societal work values necessitating that the worker does non judge and neither approve or disapprove of the service user. During my shadowing this has been the instance.

Due to the nature of SNAPs intercession, being short term lodging support, it is hard to put up commissions or long term client groups that have an input into the administration and how it is run and the hereafter development. However, SNAP do on a regular basis direct out questionnaires to service users in order to determine whether the service they have received has been utile and whether the service users ‘ state of affairs has improved. It has besides been suggested that a ‘Mystery Shopper ‘ type exercising be undertaken in order to guarantee that service users are having the best service possible at the point of contact.

At each reappraisal, the client is asked whether they have been happy with the service they have received from SNAP. They are asked whether their state of affairs has improved, non improved or worsened since support started. They are besides asked if they have any suggestions as to whether SNAP could better their service or whether there is anything that they feel they could make that they are non already making. It has been decided that as portion of my Experimental arrangement undertaking of set abouting an interview with a service user, I will utilize this portion of the reappraisal as inquiries for my arrangement interview. On an operational degree, SNAP is wholly user led, due to its undertaking centred attack.

As each client is reviewed on a regular footing, there are chances throughout the intercession for service users to be able to give feedback at changing points through SNAPs engagement. It is hard to give service users a strategic function in the organizational development due to the short term nature of the intercession.

Whilst shadowing with the support workers, I saw many illustrations of good pattern. Each support worker that I shadowed with was empathic and appeared to construct good relationships with the service users they were assigned to. They appeared to be non judgemental ( Biestek ) , covering with sex wrongdoers and showing a degree of understanding for their inability to reconstruct their lives following a strong belief. There appears to be high degrees of subjugation towards the more vulnerable referrals. The benefits bureau itself made many service users feel powerless and this was acknowledged by the support workers who so called the bureau on behalf of the service users. This was anti- oppressive and illustrated this value to me really clearly.

Another country that I will place as good pattern, were the recording of intercessions, and contact made with both the service user and others who were connected to them. Each support worker that I shadowed appeared to do an entry on the computing machine system after every telephone call made and missive sent every bit good as after every visit. It would look that this was done ; guaranting information sing each intercession was up to day of the month and complete. This complies with Section 6.1 of the Codes of Ethics that states that:

‘As a societal attention worker, you must be accountable for the quality of your work and take duty for keeping and bettering your cognition and accomplishments by keeping clear and accurate records as required by processs established for your work ; ‘

Whilst shadowing LC, we found that a service user was traveling to do a perchance deceitful Housing Benefit Claim. Once the service user told LH of their purpose, LH advised that this would be deceitful and told the service user that she should non be making this. The service user stated that she was traveling to and so LH stated that they would be unable to back up the service user if this was the class of action that they intended to take. The service user decided to follow LC ‘s advice. This showed honestness and unity on the portion of LC, in conformity to Section 2 of the Social Work Codes of Practice every bit good as SNAPs ain personal values of unity and honestness.

After being in the office with assorted support workers, it was evident that at times there were non adequate desks and computing machine terminuss for all those in the office to be able to utilize. Although this did non go on all the clip, it did go on on a regular basis. It may be an thought to possibly put in some more. Furthermore, once more, non all the clip, but on a regular basis, it was non possible to subscribe into the operating system due to the maximal sum of users being logged on to the computing machines. I have ne’er seen this IT issue before and it struck me as being unusual. I was advised that more licences have been purchased so the job is non every bit great as it was in the yesteryear. Although turn toing this issue would evidently relieve any holds in utilizing the IT, doing Snap more efficient and effectual, it may non be plenty of an issue to justify the economic investing that would be involved.

It could be said that as SNAP is a comparatively new company, and with the other established administrations conveying a wealth of cognition and experience to the tabular array, SNAP is good placed to cherry pick the best pattern from each.

SNAP appears to be an expeditiously run administration. The staff look to be knowing and have the best involvements of the client in head. There are clearly defined systems in topographic point at each degree of intercession, including the recording of information.


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