our functioning’1. With
connection to Freud’s theories and looking at the evolution of her character, Lady
Macbeth begins the play as a strong woman who is cunning and ruthless and
schemes alongside her husband to make him king. This is evident in Act 1 Scene
5 when he sees the letter about the prophecy and doubts her husband’s
abilities, explaining to him the way a man should respond. In the 1971 film
adaptation of the play by Roman
Polanski, Lady Macbeth says, “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent
underneath, leave all the rest to me”2.

Lady Macbeth initiates all the plans for the seizure of the throne and at this
moment is very strong, assertive and mentally stable for what she wants to

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However, you can identify psychologically that
matters are becoming more intense and Lady Macbeth is unable to maintain her
sanity. One reason may be her guilt over the murders that have taken place and
her responsibility for them; for example, Lady Macbeth says ‘Help me hence,
when she hears the news about the murder and faints. These responses could be
interpreted as a projection of guilt which has distorted her functioning.

Another scene which speaks to the decline of Lady Macbeth’s stability is while
she is sleepwalking and says “Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the
perfumes of


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