Christmas globular decoration

The mystery, however, of these balls of light have portrayed similarities with a beach ball. This may sound unusual in some points since we know the look of aliens as a semi human form resembling a Martian appearance. One witness who have experienced an actual encounter in these spheres states that these balls of light resembles much like a Christmas globular decoration with a size of a beach ball. Upon touching this, stinging electrical force has sprung up afflicting his hands. According to the witness, the pain that he has experienced is so far the most painful sensation he have felt (Hein, 2002, pp112-113).

Another statement about these balls of light indicates the capacity of these balls to float up in the air. As these beings establish their aim in forming the crop circles, they begin behaving erratically while suspended in the air. Sudden disappearance of these balls are noted right after a short period of time more like half a second (Sherwood, 2004, pp. 22-23). Out of the convinced public, regarding the paranormal characteristic of the situation, some people still argues and states that this occurrence is yet to be considered as a metaphysical event.

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They have provided theories that these circles are made by human hands. A biologist researcher, Ruper Sheldrake, have formulated an idea of establishing a circle-making contest at Buckinghamshire with a price of ? 300 for the winner. Eleven contestants have participated in this event. Groups of participants carry highly modified gadgets and equipments however; the winner surprisingly is a single individual. In Shanabel’s book, Round in Circles, claims that these circles are copied his team and the replications are entirely the same.

With this factor, he is able to conclude that this phenomena is nothing but a hoax brought by human hands (Michell, 2000, pp. 188). These contradicting statements have brought doubt in the community however; majority of the public still believes the preternatural characteristic of this event. Hoax vs. Evidences Popularities of these phenomena have reached the whole world. Hoax are made by some people, which creates a sense of belief temporarily however, recent analysis provide exact means of differentiation between a hoax and evidence.

The fact about these bent crops is its exquisite modification right after the affliction of being part in the circle. In the areas of these circles, anomalies are being observed such as electronic equipment malfunctions until the crops has been harvested. Cameras, videos, cell phones and other gadgets are not working inside the circles. It seems that some unusual force is restricting information gathering. Moreover, compasses, radars, radio waves and other communication devices that utilize wave mechanism have proven to go erratic upon contact in these circles.

Airplanes, helicopters and flying machines experience bug and awry behavior every time it passes come crop circles (North, 2000, pp. 65). Looking at the biological aspect of these crops that are bent and affected by the crop circle formation, it is clearly evident that physical changes occurred. The specimens are observed critically every season and their growth are carefully assessed and monitored. The crops gathered by the BLT research group, team of scientist specializes in the study of this crop circles, have manifested seedless and stunted growth.

Looking at the microscopic perspective, the cellular walls of these crops, particularly in it parenchyma as well as in branch tissue, are enlarged. Apical nodes are also enlarged with featured expulsion. The edges of these nodes are bent with accompanying enlargement in the afflicted portion. The seeds from the affected crops show physical abnormalities and upon its implantation, the crops growth is determined to be stunted. Paranormal experiences are also noted occurring prior, during or even at the post-phase of the circle formation such as the manifestations of eerie sounds (BLT Research Team Inc, 2007).

The hoax made by human hands does not possess such characteristics since physical factors are the only ones altered in these procedures. William C. Levengood, a biophysicist at Pinelandia Laboratories in Michigan, has examined the plants from the crop circles for so many years now. He has assured that these features are way out of ordinary man made crop circles and these factors are not occurring in those hoax subjects. Added information about the crop cellular changes include the starch mutation in these plants.

Levengood also discovered that there are minute magnetic materials impregnated in these affected crops. These materials are also found in some meteorites discovered from outside our planet. The magnetic materials suggest that the extreme forces outside our intelligence cause these characteristic. Levengood’s findings are clearly not found in the hoax crop circles. Conclusion For the conclusion of this study, human knowledge can replicate the physical occurrence of this crop circles but not the internal modification that is occurring.

Answering the question imposed in this paper, the relationship of these circles to the paranormal beings called aliens is most likely possible. The intelligence of humanity is still not capable of replicating or producing the same copy of such biologic mutation. The hoax crop circles that are present has implicated doubt in some of the people, however the truth still lies free for all to believe. The nanosecond modification of a crop field considering the wide-scale pattern formation and instillation of these magnetic meteorite materials are something human beings are not capable of.

Therefore, considering the evidences discovered, the conclusion of this paper ends in the existence of paranormal beings around us.

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