Written Theme Analysis Essay

The story of the “The Story of an Hour” provides a very simple approach in intensifying the true effects of varying feelings towards a person’s point of view. In the case of the story, the degrees of happiness and grief were illustrated to have varying levels of differentiation between the two central parameters. The core theme of the story is to narrow down what could really be regarded as happiness and sadness if it is to be felt by a person who does not have any capability to withstand its effects.

It is very much evident that the author tries to lay down the possible results of feeling both experiences while actually realizing what the reality could bring if it is to let inside one’s feelings. Louise must have accepted the truth of the tragedy experienced by his husband but was not able to inhibit the true characteristics of sadness at least through her physical actions. She didn’t exhibit symptoms of grief which may be probably attributed to her incapacity to accept the truth. On the other hand, the feelings of joy have taken a rather captivating toll to the well being of the central character in the story.

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As what happiness is supposed to provide, it instead delivered a very twisted after effect by making it a very negative factor which had an unexpected result. The aspect of happiness in seeing her husband alive was not able to sustain the relative optimism of having such feeling. In a larger perspective, the story points out in the relative varying costs of inviting joy or sadness in ones personal outlook.. The story has set forth a new dimension in signifying a stance as to what feelings are beneficial to one’s perception and what is damaging to a person’s well being.


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