World Religions

I had a very limited outlook towards religion. For me religion meant something that controls the way we observe different rituals. It also meant something related to the to the unseen divine power that we call God. After reading the book Living Religion by Mary Fisher my definition of religion has not only changed but has become more focussed as I have gained insight about many faiths, which were earlier unknown to me.

Now I feel that religion is a vehicle through which we can attain immense inner peace if we learn to preserve it, remove superstitions related to it and treat all the different faiths as different paths of maintaining good relationship with the almighty. Religion does not demand degrading some one else’s belief and making one’s own belief look like supreme. Rather it teaches to be tolerant of everybody’s faiths and beliefs.

Before reading this book I believed that religion means showering praises to God. But after reading the book I feel that religion teaches us the lesson of love. Though we are born as human beings, in our fast paced lives we have forgotten what we, as human beings should suppose to do. It has become a tendency to think about ‘I’ and not ‘We’. Religion is a medium that has still kept alive in us some kind of unity.

Though we do not pay attention to the objectives of our religion, still, during rituals and festivities we realize how much religion has kept us tied to one link. Religion has maintained unity in the thought process, behavior and conduct of the people at least on important occasions. I thought that religion facilitates important events and festivals that occur year after year but now I believe that religion is something that should be celebrated everyday only then can we understand the true meaning of our existence.


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