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Since its inception in the developmental stages of retailing, the concept of Power Centres have proved an effective means of bringing franchisers, entrepreneurs and all sorts of businesses to the consumers who are the foundation of the industry itself. Power Centres (or Power Centres in some areas) are also called retail parks, as they are actually wide open spaces comprising of many individual shops, much like a park.

They are easily differentiated from the traditional shopping malls as most of the establishments in Power Centres are actually independent of each other in a way. Power Centres usually have a common parking area, and as establishments are independent of each other, they tend to focus on developing their own buildings or structures, as well as their facilities and amenities to create a more attracting facade.

Currently, Power Centres have evolved into a common development for traditional shopping malls and arcades, providing a bigger venue for more stores and establishments such as stripmalls and/or restaurants and other dining facilities, a fitting alternative to adding more stores ato an already existing facility which produces cramp and convoluted malls. Commonly, Power Centres are situated in suburban areas, providing accessibility to residential areas, making them the first major lines of stores for homeowners’ convenience.

The Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre is a major Power Centre situated in 30 Brisdale Dr. Bovaird Dr. & Chingacousy Rd. , a proven and effective strategic location for Power Centres as its proximity to the Fletcher’s Meadow Homes makes it the communitiy’s go-to place for anything that they may need to buy, and not just on a whim as most pricey convenience stores offerings most often are, but with base prices as well since most of the establishments in Power Centres are of ten those of the companies they represent themselves if not independent shops or small-scale businesses.

Shown on the map is the Power Centre, which is a pleasant walk from the residential areas within the area. Also located at a fairly accessible distance is the memorial park. The park’s proximity to the power centre provides a convenient means to access whatever they may need that they may have forgotten to bring on their visits to the memorial park. People from other places with graves to visit at the memorial park often make trips to the centre as well and as such are considered a factor in the success of the said Power Centre as well.

Also a few blocks away is Worthington Public School, which features students who are potential customers for the centre as well. The proximity of Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre to the thriving community leads to its success as a retail centre. From People from other places with relatives to visit at the memorial park often make trips to the centre as well and as such are considered potential customers. As with the many tenants in the centre, Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre has a diverse share of offerings that showcases the flexibility of the retail centre.

From the very successful and convenient Fortinos supermarket established since 1961 (Fortinos 2010) which features a full-blown supermarket with every supermarket need known to man to the world-renowned fastfoodchain McDonald’s and its recognizable golden arches as among the more prominent establishments, especially in the case of the McDonald’s, where its building is one of the more uniquely architected and the most stand-out out of the lot, a great example for a purpose-built shop on a power centre.

Also included among the many shops featured by the Power Centre are those of the the joined plain-box type of stores, strategically placed together forming a veritable montage of shops that welcome customers in a friendly and pleasant way. These include video rental store Blockbuster, sandwich specializers Subway, even health concerns can be brought to the place with shops such as Great Glasses, a veterinary clinic, and also a dental clinic

Basing from the location of the power centre itself as well as the geographic relationship it has with the other amenities that remain in proximity and a walk away from the Power Centre, it is safe to assume that the target market for the Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre are those of the typical Canadian family as it brings to them their needs at a fairly accessible location which is them. This holds true with most of the shops in the area especially the supermarket Fortinos.

There is no single focus or theme regarding the establishments at the Fletchers Meadow Retail Centre. Except maybe for the theme of convenience as it is the feature of greatest quality that is shown not only by the power center Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Center, but by other power centres as well. Being situated in the middle of residential communes is among the surest ways to land a good consumer audience in the retailing industry.

The place also shares a common parking lot which sprawls the grounds, offering convenient parking spaces for anyone looking to visit any establishment within the retail centre area. Parking lots are an invaluable feature when it comes to Power Retail Centres as the situation of these are commonly near a neighborhood and as such people would often drive to get something whenever they would be visiting the power centre. This combined with the popular anchor stores is enough to bring in the consumers,and thus is one of the alluring combination of attractions a power centre could have.

The Fletcher’s Meadow Power Centre in Brampton is one of the shops that has a steady number of frequenters, It being near residential areas is one of the key factors that effectively keep the customers coming back to the power centre.. This on top of the visitors who may just be passing by as well,as out-of-towners who may be attracted to the venue for events that may be held at Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre, or may also just be within the vicinity due to the Brampton memorial park to visit their dead.

The local tourists attracted to the city of Brampton by the other dazzling tourist spots within the city are potential customers as well, leading to a diverse market of almost every demographic. The variety in terms of those offered shops and establishments are also a selling point in the development of the power centre in Brampton, as most of the smaller establishments serve as a perfect example for the anchor stores that are the main attraction for the power centre. Overall the centre exhibits strength in loyal customers, and a strategic location that proves convenient even for first time visitors of the place.

Despite these aforementioned strengths, the Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre suffers from a few minor key weaknesses such as the low visibility for strangers. Most often the only people who know about the Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre are those who have already been there before, or people from neighboring areas that frequent the area and happen to pass by the power centre. Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Centre would do well to get more advertising going about telling people of the place, although one of the charms of the quaint little power centre is that there are not much crowds.

Another thing of note is the centre’s loose positioning of buildings in such a way that they seem unappealing as a whole and were almost as if they were made to look as individual stores and not part of a power centre. The positioning is also awkward like say, the way Fortinos is blocked off from view by the Bank of Montreal from the south road of Bovaird Drive. With its gas pump feature more visible, which alerts people of the existing supermarket in the vicinity.

Because of the success of Fletcher’s Meadow’s power centre, more and more shops are looking to set-up shop at a power center such as Fletcher’s. The concentration of shops began to get focused on the mentioned power centre, with entrepreneurs and franchisers thinking they would be much more successful if they stick with a power centre as it not only ensures much much more potential customers, provides a more consumer-friendly environment ; this while maintaining the entrepreneur”s or businessman’s individuality, keeping that familiarity with possible old customers.

The success and prominence of such a power centre also proves to be either a major competition for small businesses as they are easily overwhelmed by the daunting power centre as business competition, however the fact that power centres actually encourage small businesses to set up shop with them is one of the friendliest business boosts one will ever get and as such the presence of small businesses outside major retail structures such as the power centre is little to none in the area, having them concentrated in one place.

Businesses would much rather establish themselves at a power centre than risk going at it lone in the dog-eat-dog world of business. As such it is the effect of the yet-growing Fletcher’s Meadow Retail Center that businesses are entering positive stages of development albeit not in their own backyards this time but in a much grander scale that helps them achieve their goals of entrepreneurship. In summary, Power Centres have proven an effective and much more attractive alternative to the traditional shopping malls as the fresh air provided by power centres prove to be a more convenient and relaxing way to shop.

The association with Power Centres have also proven to be an effective way of establishing one’s self in the business world, and is fairly effective in creating a tighter shopping community since most of its customers are of the same neighboring areas. In the case of the Fletcher’s Meadoow Retail Centre,the many shops alone are proof enough of the success the place is having despite its seemingly domesticized facade.

Power Centres are the easier, more convenient way to shop most especially for the practical shopper, which is why it remains a successful retail structure to this day.

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