Suburbanization of American Society between 1945 and 1970

After the World War II, the phenomenon of suburbanization (massive population movement from big cities into suburbs) took place in the U. S. The main reasons of this movement included the following factors: (1) economic consequences of global war, (2) increased level of social welfare of American people after the war (at the expense of higher wages, savings, etc.), (3) demobilization, followed by “baby boom”, (4) housing crisis, or very high demand for houses in big cities, (5) availability of good and affordable automobiles, (6) development of the country’s transportation infrastructure, etc.

The main changes connected with suburbanization included decrease of urban population, homogenization of American society, development of social infrastructure in suburbs, as well as new economic freedoms and opportunities for people to grow foodstuffs in their own gardens or backyards.

Besides, suburbanization of American society had positive effects on the development of such economic sectors as financial, automobile, communication, construction, housing industries or production of consumer goods, etc. A series of cultural and social transformations were also among the main results of suburbanization. Migration of people stimulated creating positive atmosphere for co-existence of different ethnic groups and gave an impetus for adopting the laws providing equal rights and opportunities for the members of such groups.

Many suburban areas throughout the country were merged in big cities, so the differences between urban and suburban cultures were slightly put to minimum. Finally, suburban areas became safe and clean environment for many American families to live according to the highest standards.

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