War and Terrorism in International affairs

Most conflicts I believe can be solved if there was a homogeneous relationship. I will look at it in different areas. The disparity in social status in the society has brought a lot of social conflicts. Many times people who have felt that they are superior to the others, that there social class was higher than the other people have tended to look down on others. They tend to dominate in almost everything because they feel there ideas are superior. They are the ones who are to be heard.

They make every decision and impose it on the others. Many times this brings about conflicts because the other group of people looked down upon will demand to be heard or try to resist the imposition of ideas on them. And they may do this in various ways some would turn to unorthodox means of expressing their grievances. Some will turn into terrorism; some will turn into violent demonstrations and some into aggression. This situation has been experienced in many parts of the world. The Nazis tried to look down upon the Israelis.

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The colonialists looked down upon the natives of their colonies. The result of this was that the natives resisted and wanted to be heard too, they turned into fighting to try and free themselves from the oppressors. If there was a symmetric relationship i. e. if they could also listen to the people they colonized without looking down upon them, I believe conflicts could have been minimized. If you take African countries for instance, the colonialist brought civilization, but not all the civilization was acceptable to Africans.

But because according to them they believed everything they brought to Africans was good they forced their civilization on African which brought about hate rate, rebellion and resistance and hence the many conflicts. The apartheid in South Africa was as a result of asymmetric relationship. The white minority looked down on the blacks such that the minority made every decision and imposed on the blacks (Emerich, Ward, Prothero, 1906).

The whites might have had very good ideas, and they built the country and developed it in various aspects, but because they did not respect the blacks’ opinion it brought turmoil and rebellion against everything they did whether good or bad. On the other hand I believe that not all the conflicts can be solved by symmetric relationship. Some humans are good but some are bad, that is how they were born. It doesn’t matter whatever relationship you have with them, they will always be grieved in one way or the other. They already have a biased opinion about things. They can only do things to satisfy their thinking.

Most terrorists in the world today already have a biased opinion about things. The only thing they will do is to cause chaos whenever they get opportunity. No amount of symmetric relationship will change their mind. This could be as a result of religious upbringing or something that can not be understood. Quiz two I believe one of the most important approaches that should be used towards solving international terrorism should be open communications forum. The most important reason why terrorist would want to do harmful activities is to be heard internationally.

This sometimes is because there is no other way they can express their feelings or grievances to the world. They want to be heard by the world. And when they do these terrorist activities then the world can hear them. Then why don’t we have an open forum for all kinds of people to be heard especially where they can be given an opportunity to air their grievances to the world. And these grievances should be taken seriously and addressed effectively by professionals across the world appointed by all countries.

It should be some kind of a world media where every person or group of people can express their feelings freely without prejudice and let the world hear them and react fairly to their opinion. Note: A very important issue that should be taken into account is that, some countries see themselves as above others. This is the issue that should be dealt with properly. Every country in its own right is equal to any other. They have the right to govern themselves in whatever manner they want. And no other country should interfere.

If a country wanted to develop nuclear weapons, first thing before you condemn them is to know that it is their right to do whatever they want to do, and therefore you come in as a friend and not as a superior person. They feel that you also have it and so if you yourself have the nuclear weapons then what makes you think that you are the only one who should have it. This alone is already a source of conflict (asymmetric type of relationship) where one wants to dictate to the other person. For how long can you prevent other independent people from doing whatever they want to do, it is a futile thought.

An open forum where everyone can speak his thinking and beliefs and still be respected without being looked down upon or ignored by others would help solve international terrorism. One will always feel aggrieved if ignored or rubbished, however foolish his opinions are they should be respected. That is where many grievances are born which later lead to criminal acts of terrorism against either innocent civilians or the political powers. Quiz three It is logical to say that almost any terrorist activity is achieved through a conventional criminal activity.

Blowing up an embassy of a country is a terrorist activity. It entails destruction of private property, killing of innocent civilian which are all criminal activities liable for many years in prison if not death sentence. Hijacking of a commercial airplane is a criminal act used by terrorist to instill fear and mental torture in the mind of an innocent person (passenger) and many other people associated with the passenger. This could result to death of innocent people or attempted murder which can be charged in a court of law. Suicide bombing is criminal activity.

There is attempted suicide on the perpetrator himself and murder of innocent civilians which will attract very serious penalties in a court of law if found guilty. Hijacking of ships in the coastal regions of Somalia by pirates is a criminal activity. Many privately owned ships taking aid to innocent civilians affected by the war in the country have been hijacked by pirates who demand many things before releasing the captives or even the ship. This can be taken as robbery with violence and also attempted murder. Blowing up oil mines to settle scores or to express grievances is a criminal activity.

This is destruction of private property which might also destroy innocent lives. It will be justified to conclude that all terrorist activities are achieved through conventional criminal acts. Therefore one can say that all terrorist activities are criminal acts. But it will wrong to say that all criminal acts are terrorist activities. This is because not all conventional criminal activities are done out of grievances.


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