to other competitors, our homestays are designed with three different themes
and it is luxury-furnished and well-appointed. One of our homestay is located
in Kampong Morten but its interior design is modern style. So, our guests can
truly experience both kampong and modern style in a place. Our furniture is
designed and bought by ourselves. We put a lot of effort in every corner of the
homestays. Besides, we always concern about hygiene. We will assure that our
homestay is always clean and tidy because providing a clean living environment
to our guests is the most important things. Thus, they can have the most
comfortable and leisure place to stay. This is because the design and cleaning
of the homestays will give the first impression of our guests. So, we will
always take care about that.

                     Our special promotion for
current students is actually giving benefit to the students who come to our
homestays. Compared to other competitors who offer same price to all type of
people, our student promotion can attract more students to come and they may
afford to stay in our homestays. However, we also provide a special discount to
our guests who come for second-visit or third-visit. It is our strategy in
getting more customers and other competitors may not offer this promotion.

                     Our facilities provided
are complete and our guests can find out what they need in our homestays. We
also take care about disabled. Disabled with wheelchair can easily access in
our homestays and it is giving convenient for them. Cooking is allowed in our
homestays and kitchenware is provided. A gathering or party is the most
suitable that can be carry out in our homestay because we provide a large
outdoor space and barbecues for our guests.

                      So, our guests pay for
the cost but can experience the cultures and immersed in that atmosphere, we
provide the best services to our customers and it is valuable for them if
choosing our homestays for their accommodation during holiday or break.


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