is one of the ideologies that are particular to the international relations
theory. It is also one of the theories that makes up political philosophy, as
it tries to give evidence, model and define political relations. Realist assume
that power is the most significant consequence of political actions, regardless
of whether it is set on a domestic or international stage. They also world
politics is a tool that used by those conflicting actors seeking power. With the
domestic arena, it is thought that politicians try, or do aim, to increase their
power, on the other hand the international arena, national states are expected to
try, or aim to, increase their power. There are two-ways in which to analyse
the theory, either as a guideline as to how politicians and nations should go
about gaining more power for personal use, or an explanation of the situation
that the nations and politicians seek. Furthermore, Realism is an ideology that
has been prominent through history.


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