The researcher chose women in a senior leadership positions in the public sector as a research focus because the researcher perceived a gap in Saudi research / literature on the issue. Based on my observations, it is clear to me that, as with ministries in Saudi, there is a real, but subtle, glass ceiling in the leadership system in Saudi Arabia, which hinders the progress of women’s careers in the public sector. the researcher has become aware of the need to explore and research the area of leadership in public sector in Saudi Arabia from a women perspective. There is little published qualitative research about a scholarly account of the personal and professional experience of women in a senior leadership position in the public sector, which became even more evident when the researcher reviewed the existing literature and understood the need for my research to generate new knowledge in the context of Saudi. The purpose of this study is to explore what helps women working in the public sector to reach senior positions, to identify the senior women who could be role models, and to help young women, who are either in a senior leadership position or aspiring to be in leadership position, to move forward in their careers. In this paper, the research design is an important step in achieving the research objectives (Erlandson et al, 1993). It helps to reflect the appropriate methodology which can be used to collect relevant data during the research journey (Bryman, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to explain the research design, to present, and discuss the research methodology. It provides a justification for the methods will be used. This paper consists of eleven sections.  Section one provides an Introduction, research aim and objective, and conceptual framework.  Section two discusses an evaluation of the research philosophy adopted in leadership studies a research questions. Section three describes the research questions. Section four describes the Research Aim and objectives. Section Five describes the research Methodology.  then the target population for the study is presented in section Six.  Section seven explain the scope of the study.  Section eight describes the data the data analysis, section nine the ethical issue, section ten the work plane.  Finally, section eleven the conclusion.


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