This study aims to
illuminate the hotel services and customer satisfaction. To measure the quality
of service and customer satisfaction in the hotel industry, there are some
models. In this thesis three models are popularized and completely chosen:
SERVQUAL, HOLSERV and LODGING QUALITY INDEX use in this analysis. It informs
the difference in the expectations of the client in the guests of Mongolia and
Taiwan related to the services of the hotel. And the comparison between in
Mongolia and Taiwan hotel. The three main comparisons are satisfaction, service
standards and loyalty. It also includes more detailed analyzes, such as service
votes, hotel construction and other hotel factors. It also offers people to
disable the hotel. It affects their choice. A questionnaire was carried out
with 40 questions to obtain statistical data. The questionnaire was divided
into seven sections. As a result, 120 respondents answered questions. The last
of the survey is to report the results and analyze the results of the survey.


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