Definition of Art

Art already exist for a long time in this world and already become one of the very important history in human kind. Many artist were born in that time and many artwork has been done such as Pablo Picasso with ‘Three Musician’, Donatello with ‘Feast of Herod’, Leonardo Da Vinci with ‘The Last Supper’ and many more. All of their artwork has become world treasure and only can be display at museum. Now art already evolve not only in drawing but in many thing else such as animation, dancing, architecture, acting and many more.

Its also has become a catalyst for economic development in all country. Now, with the advanced technology, too many art already been created using various software and tools, so anyone can make their own artwork is a short time and easy way. Art is something interesting subject to talk about. WHAT IS ART ? Art can be interpreted in a variety of different purposes. And Different perspective can bring a different meaning of art.

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Art is an expression of human when they had high imagination and creative thinking and then they visual it, its always can see in a medium such as painting, sculpture or other more. Its something that other people can see what we want to show our expression such as angry, happy, sad, lonely or confused. It also can leave the question mark to anyone who looking to the artwork. Art not only in something like painting, it has grown in wide range of areas such as animation, film, dance, and architecture.

As in animation, its has a long line of history, from only 2-Dimension cartoon such as Mickey Mouse, now we had 3-Dimension cartoon such as Upin Ipin , Boboi Boy, and many more. It also tell us that world technology also move on from old version to new era, and because of that, many company can accomplish something that people thing impossible to possible new such as 3D cartoon and its film effect. “High Art” is seen by the “experts” as a timeless piece that deserves recognition and respect within the art community.

It a simple illustration to being an “important” and can count itself among the prestigious. “Low Art” is often characterized by having a specific place in our history something that is a sign of the times rather than something that has withstood the test of time. So high art is comparable to a ‘classic and intellectual’ book or movie, for instance writing by James Joyce or a movie by Ingmar Bergman. Low art is creative work that appeals to the masses because of their humor, ‘prettiness’, simplicity of message, or entertainment value.


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