Focus Group Interviews

The choice of group interviews revolved around the desire to obtain first hand analysis from different individuals in the field of international business. The use of multiple sources of data facilitated the validation of data through triangulation . This helped enrich conclusions and recommendations in this research. In addition, the use of group interviews was known to serve several advantages over individual interviews. According to Creswell (2003), group interviews have the tendency of revealing the consensus views of everyone in the group.

This is because the participants might challenge each other’s opinions which might in turn be beneficial for verifying various research theories based on the data obtained through other methods. This all leads to an increase in reliability of the responses. In order to obtain various views in relation to the case, experts and management staff of TopicalCare Group, conversant with the topic of internationalization were contacted to take part in the focus group interviews.

The choice of participants was on the basis of their knowledge and individual performances in the international business strategy and advanced international business responsibility handled. This group of people had proven they are knowledgeable enough to participate in this research. Two focus group interviews were conducted back-to-back. The first consisted of thirteen people, while the second only involved six. Respondents were presented with the case study before hand and were briefed on their individual roles and the purpose of the focus group interviews before the actual interview took place.


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