International Labor Office’s

In their book, Henry and Springborg present a detailed analysis of challenges affiliated with globalization and the politics of country. For the case study purpose, authors have selected Middle East where democratization is nil compared to other cultures around the globe. The authors have discussed several challenges that global firms face while setting up operations in countries of Middle East which has monarchs as rulers and thus, the level of educational and social development is a great hindrance for human resource departments.

The authors then further go on with study of different cultures and their political situations and deduct a direct relationship between political structure and implementation of globalization. Banerjee, D and Goldfield, M. (2008). Labor, Globalization and the State: workers, women and migrants confront neo-liberalism. Routledge The book by Banerjee and Goldfield revolves around the issue of neo-liberal globalization and how it has affected the developed as well as developing economics around the globe. The research in the book revolves around one main developed economy of United States and one developing economy of India.

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Banerjee and Goldfield highlight the misconceptions about globalization regarding liberalized labor market and capital markets and posit that globalization has varying effects on labor market in practice. The book also emphasizes on negative effects of globalization on system of wage fixation, employment pattern, and basic rights at work in both developed, as well as underdeveloped countries. The book is a valuable input in understanding the labor issues which later affect the human resource practices in international communities. ILO. (2004).

A Fair globalization: Creating opportunities for all. ILO Publications. [Online] Available from http://www. ilo. org/public/english/wcsdg/docs/report. pdf [Accessed August 14, 2010] International Labor Office’s report on globalization is a struggle towards pushing governments around the world to embrace the concept of global economy for progress and improvement of economies worldwide. The report emphasizes on establishing open policies towards globalization and how it can help boost the trade between nations thereby, resulting in improved infrastructure, technology and human resource.

The report also presents views and stances of various regions like Africa, Asia, Latin America and Arab nations regarding global standards and suggests universal efforts for successful transition in trade, technology and labor from local to global level. The report also demands for a fair governance system in globalization policies while holding departments of parliament and governing councils accountable for maintain fair system. Crafts, N. (2000). Globalization and Growth in the Twentieth century. IMF. [Online] Available from http://www. imf. org/external/pubs/ft/wp/2000/wp0044. pdf [Accessed August 13, 2010]

The paper by Crafts is a review of past few years as globalization spread to various economies around the globe and left its positive as well as some negative effects. Although negative effects of income disparity and economic divergence has emerged along with globalization. However, remarkable growth has been seen in human development index specifically skill and literacy rate. This report explores contributions that have been made by globalization, future prospects of where economies around world are heading due to this phenomenon and lastly, what if any globalization backlashes are expected over the coming decades.

The report is a valuable input in studying empirical impacts of globalization on various regions around the globe. Wen, D. (2006). China copes with Globalization: A mixed review. IFG. [Online] Available from http://www. ifg. org/pdf/FinalChinaReport. pdf [Accessed August 15, 2010] The report by Wen is an empirical analysis of Chinese economy after entering the era of globalization. Wen covers almost all aspects of globalization from policies to urban reforms, impact on quality of life, education and environment including cultural aspects, labor reforms and workforce attitude.

The report provides a thorough review of effects of globalization in economy of China which is relevant to this study as the cultural differences between China and other developed nations such as U. S. and Japan are enormous and therefore, it will be easy to relate to difficulties of cultural context in Algeria due to globalization. Kremer, M and Maskin, E. (2006). Globalization and Inequality. Harvard University The paper presented by Kremer and Maskin is a theoretical approach towards understanding the criticism on Globalization regarding widening the gap of education and money between poor and rich.

Kremer and Maskin support the notion that due to several constraining factors like lack of access to education and skill learning, globalization mainly benefits the rich both in rich and poor economies while the poor can only benefit if he by any means increase his skill or education level. The research includes evidences from several developed and developing nations like China, India, United States and Japan and confers that the concept of globalization is more complicate than implicated and thus, requires careful consideration by developing or under developed nations before its implementation.


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