American Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering is a practice of building and designing horizontal structures or in previous times the professional who undertake public works. There are also cases that C. E. ’s manages and operates building construction but not in the design and plan for buildings since it is under the jurisdiction of the architectural profession. To practice one must pass the government exam after finishing the apprenticeship program for the first requirement, “an aspiring PE must graduate from a four-year engineering program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)(Griffiths).

” Indeed the first step is a continuous process towards a continuing education. The Civil Engineers with master’s degree in structural design prepares for the structural design and earthquake analysis of multiple storey buildings. A failure in design can cause the collapse of the structure which gives legal liabilities to the practitioner. As with the saying goes that if a lawyer commits a mistake the client goes to prison but for the engineers if they make wrong calculations they will be liable for the public safety and will be put in jail in cases of lack of competence.

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But not only that, it may also cause for the revocation of the practitioner license to practice. To be able to pursue a career in civil engineering, an aptitude in mathematics and physics are major requirements though in some cases some math subjects like calculus seemed to be irrelevant or may be enhanced with other math subjects or technological change in the future making it more difficult for an average student to pass the course. It was in 2006 that report from the leading advisory on science and technology predicted that “U. S.

prominence in science and technology will be on the decline and to be able to prevent it the government must take actions in further improving math education (Geraghty No. 5). ” However, top students prefer other courses as the enthusiasm for outer space developments faded in the 20th century (Geraghty). To this day young civil engineers practices has a variety of choices because of the new information technology that is rapidly changing and the many global trends that brought mankind just a step away to the other world and culture.

Pros and Cons of few native born civil engineers Every nation that is constantly growing and in existence need the service of a full pledge engineer as the American Society of Civil Engineers told that “old infrastructure such as roads and water-supply systems needs rebuilding and in order to accomplish the work, civil engineers must be knowledgeable not only on basic principles of civil engineering but must be aware on how their planning, design and construction would affect the environment (ASCE). ”

It is eminent that “science and engineering talent is needed for the U. S. to meet global competitiveness in the field of science and engineering (Michael Berger)” however, a 10% decline in the number of practitioner between the year 2000 and 2005 with a slow increase in earnings for about 19. 01% only as referred in page 6 table 1 (Brown and Linden) is an indication that there are only few native born Americans who pursue this job. The figures show that there is so much liability and hard work for earning an approximate annual income of more than or an approximate $75,000 (Payscale) as compare to other high paying technological jobs.

John Marburger the U. S. presidential science adviser “asked the nation to intervene to increase the success in the education of science and engineering students since the future strength of the Nation’s science and engineering unmet workforce was already affected by two reasons: One, U. S. future inability to rely on international market due to intensifying global competition for technology and two; there is an evident decline on the number of native born engineers (Michael Berger).

” While the older ones are near their retirement those few native born students that will pursue higher education would prefer courses without the difficult math and complex science subjects included in the curriculum. This fact indicates that students no longer appreciates math or find the subject not only difficult but also irrelevant. Distinctly there are more negative effects when the decline of numbers of native engineers can not be reversed than that of the positive effect of being able to communicate with the rest of the world’s new technology in bringing in foreigners to the workforce.

Positively, it has increased colleges’ funds and decreased labor wage that makes companies profits increased to make their product or services more competitive with the world market. However, these positive effects are short sighted as compared to the detriment it will cause the U. S. if the decline is not resolved immediately. Human resource developments or talents is not created overtime and further neglect on this point may totally removed America from its pristine position of being the world’s leader in technology.

Technology advances through the efforts of the engineering professions and these people who are assigned to this task are not only born but are also made in which the preparation of creating geniuses takes a century as history has recorded. In pages 11 to 13, the CRS Congress reported on the perceived benefits and problems with regards to the intrusion of foreigners in the civil engineering institutions and work forces indicating that they provide support in meeting the needs of the university and the nations economy (Matthews). Some because of inculturization began to find life in America more promising, eventually apply for naturalization.


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