Hadleyburg’s master of ceremonies

Cave’s A – Cave’s A symbolizes the “trial” which Tom sawyer has to undergo before facing the life of maturity. He has his long journey towards life wherein he was separated from the rest of the society to experience the challenges that comes along the way. After overcoming and surviving the test, Tom is now ready to join the society. This cave is always with us, and it is in our hands to find out how we can surpass it.

At one’s own funeral – At one’s own funeral symbolizes one’s own obituary in an aspect of yourself in which we try to reflect if we live a life in a good way and what is our essence to other people, loved ones or friends and how significant are we to the people we left behind. In the story of Tom Sawyer, the town only regrets that they did not appreciate Tom, Huck, and Joe’s worth after they presumed that they are dead. 3. Two-story house – The “house” or the “haunted house “ represents isolation and a place where dead spirits dwell and is a spot covered in darkness.

This house was used as a setting where Huck and Tom witness a murder and here is also where they’ve found a treasure. In a place where it is isolated and full of mystery, we can find ourselves overcoming fears and discovering something new. 4. Hadleyburg’s master of ceremonies – This represents the stranger who planned to humiliate the people of Hadleyburg. It the essay, the people laughed instead of giving a round of applause for the stranger after mentioning the community’s gracious reputation though they have been stripped off of their identity.

This is a reality, we tend to pretend what we are but in the end, we’ll realize that we are just being naive about it. 5. Baby in a barrel – This symbolizes a “ghost” who seems to haunt and never get tired leaving of conscience. In the story, since the baby was murdered in Huck Finn’s adventure, the man who killed was forced to go overboard. Most probably, what is haunting us is our own guilt of doing things that doesn’t have to be that way. The ghost will stay in our memory and fear can even last a lifetime.


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