The term Dyslexia

The term Dyslexia is used very loosely nowadays. A lot of people freely use this term to brand children or individuals alike that has a difficulty in learning. Although, this may be true, Dyslexia is only one kind of learning disability that has been identified. For the reason that less is known about this condition, it is hard to spot a dyslexic child in a class room full of children. Due to this difficulty, children who are suffering from dyslexia do not get the proper and right attention they so really need.

Dyslexic children do not learn things the way a normal child does. They see things differently and interpret things in another way. Therefore, these children need the best utmost care that they can get in order for them to grow up as productive individuals and efficient members of the society. It is important to reiterate that dyslexia does not have an effect on the entire intelligence factor of an individual.

There are just mechanisms in his or her brain than interpret things the other way, may have difficulty in reading and spelling, but this individual may excel in other things in accordance to his or her age level. This paper would discuss the condition that is Dyslexia, its sign and symptoms and the available treatment. The paper would also tackle the experience of a dyslexic individual and the new teaching strategies on how to help them learn.


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