Belgium Innovation Policies

Although Flanders had been launching programs for the innovations of the country’s development before 1990s, it was in the middle of 1990s that the government focused on the R & D. Funding of R & D increased by 1% 1990s and by 3% in the year 2000. Between 2000 and 2004, more money was pumped for the innovation plan especially in science and technology. (Paul, Welfens, 1999. P. 7) . To further, improve the research and development in all its university in the year 2000 the Flanders reshaped the mechanism in the research and development.

The government had also gone further by optimising the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the science and technological innovation policy by taking step to give a high priority to the science and technology in 1999 . (Paul, Welfens, 1999. P. 4) Despite the effort of Belgium government to increase funding on innovations the country is still among the group of countries that lag behind in innovation. The country performances on innovation are above the EU average.

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From the chart below, it is revealed that. Belgium performs above the EU average on the Knowledge Drivers, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Intellectual Property. It is below EU average in Knowledge Creation, with a relatively low level on the indicator of R&D expenditure. The performance of the country is also low in the exportation of high technology products and its output on intellectual property is below average.


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