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A collection of storage devices and computers connected through a high speed network (usually optic) and are used only for the task of storing and protecting data is known as a “Storage Area Network”. The terminals connected in a SAN can be used to access data stored in any part of the network, which allows for users to be able to access the data easily. Ethical Issues As with most technologies, designers and managers of SANs have to face a number of problems when using SANs. A few of the ethical issues include:

Hacking of the data stored Planting viruses in the network Using the data stored for personal means Hacking: One of the most common and dangerous threats to SANs storing important (and mostly financial) data is that of hacking. Hacking consists of an individual or a third-party gaining access to private, confidential information using illegal means. Hacking is a crime in most countries around the world, primarily because hackers can use the information stored for financial or personal gain.

Even if hackers do not intend to use the information, having it at their disposal means that they might be tempted to use it. Also, no one wants to know that their private and sensitive information is available to someone they do not know. Hackers can misuse the information, edit it, and distribute it. Hacking is a moral and ethical issue which designers have to keep in mind when building SANs so that they provide adequate security from hackers, and keep a check on employees so that they are not tempted to hack the data.

Strict measures should be taken against hackers so that others are discouraged from the same practice.


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