Surrender on Demand

During the Nazi regime, there were many individuals who were displaced due to the corruption and violence happening in Germany. Different Jews were tortured and killed during the ruling of Adolf Hitler. Hence, the international community had created ways to somehow create a mediation process to which some of the people would be saved from the misery of Hitler’s wrath. Due to this, the United States government, during those crucial times had to use a person who will not we be classified and fully work on the release of important people that would be beneficial for the growth of the future society.

Moreover, the person chosen was Varian Fry. Fry was a journalist who has an education background regarding literature and international relations. In the book Surrender on Demand all the various activities and actions done by Fry were all written as a documentation of his activities. For the book was written by Fry, all the accounts were very specific and true to the story. The book details the accounts of his connections and risks in the midst of all the war and struggle.

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Definitely, the book give’s truth to the reality of the effects created by Nazi government to people of all ethnicity (Fry, 1997). As mentioned earlier, Varian Fry had single handedly helped each important individuals through his connection in Europe. He had rescued the most priced groups of individuals which had changed the world and provided the intellectual needs of the current world. Hence, he highlighted the Emergency Rescue Committee and Fry’s own confrontation with the most dangerous events to save lives and maintain the brilliant minds of the century (Fry, 1997).

Through looking at the book, it is very important for the reader to remember that the setting of the situation is focused on the challenges of the Nazi Regime. People in Europe are agitated and highly bothered due to the threatening consequences of the violent regime. Due to this conflict, many people had already flee the country and tried to get visas going to countries which are not affected by the Nazi Regime. Moreover, Fry became an unknown actor with all the struggles of the people.

Through the emergency committee created there were individuals who were prioritized to be given a visa or illegally transported to the United States as a way to contain a few people who had highly contributed the society. The challenges at hand were not simple. Every person is threatened to die or be caught by police forces. Every move was needed to be calculated upon it taking place. Moreover, the process of taking each of the people out of the country became very exigent due to the Gestapo which was highly dangerous officials (Fry, 1997).

Moreover, Fry became an individual who was searched by the Gestapo due to his unidentified passport. Fry became an illegal citizen which is highly sought by officials. Upon searching the people in the list, he maintained low key. However, the project was backed up by people who believe that there is a need to have an office that would help key individuals to be saved against the Nazi Regime. Hence, Fry did not act by his self but with staff members who were capable of seeking these set of individuals.

Through the process, Fry together with his staff members had created an office for rescuing people. Furthermore, the office which they created is covered through the name Centre Americain de Secours or the American Relief Center. Hence, he continued to work as a staff volunteer in the office where in he provides assistance to different individuals who are in need money and advice. During the night, Fry is coordinating secret meetings and activities to create methods that would help release important individuals.

In addition to this, his devoted staff members were eagerly investigating in different camps and observe the process of treatment with regards to the prisoners (Fry, 1997). Nonetheless, Fry stayed more than 12 months compared to his planned stay which is only one month. Definitely Fry had gained a realization that he is needed by thousands of people. Through this, all the staff member of his office was also in agreement that the office would not run without his presence. Therefore, he was more committed to stay and support the release of refugees to the United States.


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