Ukrainian media project “TeleKrinika” and Internews Kyrgyzstan held a professional discussions meeting for mass media community of Kyrgyz Republic devoted to news trends in media industry of the country since March 2005 events, reports the website of Telekritika. Discussions and exchange of experience with Ukrainian media experts took place on a round-table meeting in Nazaraliev’s Medical Center recreational zone in Beshkungoy village.Following issues were proposed for discussion:1.      Perspectives of transformation of National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation of Kyrgyz Republic into Public TV/Radio;2.      Ethics issues and media self-regulation;3.      Dependency of mass media and journalists on interests of power, political forces, owners of media;4.      Decriminalization of Kyrgyzstan law’s articles about slander and affront;5.      Parliamentary initiative to restrict the internet mass media of Kyrgyzstan;6.      Competitive capacity of national media brands.Chairman of the round table in Beshkungoy was Konstantin Doroshenko, the director on development of the Telekritika project. Alena Sibiryakova, mass media expert and managing partner of consulting agency “Gruppa ROST” took part in discussions as the expert from Ukraine.Media Ombudsman and director of Institute of Media Representative Ilim Karypbekov and other media experts from Kyrgyzstan participated in the meeting.Telekritika is an independent media resource of Ukraine addressing problems of media market, freedom of expression and standards of journalism. Its development started from the website Telekritika ( that was supported by Internews Ukraine. Nowadays Telekritika is a monthly analytical journal and a broad program of social activities. Round tables of Telekritika with participation of Ukrainian and foreign media experts are held each month in Kyiv. Round table “Media of Kyrgyzstan: two years since the tulip revolution” is the first such an event organized beyond the bounds of Ukraine. Its facilitator is Internews Kyrgyzstan, and sponsor is Medical Center of Nazaraliev.


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