Assessing military hardships, value of freedom and sacrifice

German military has been involved in a lot of issues regarding how they treat their soldiers or subordinates. Cases have been filed against the commanders of the abused soldiers and are interrogated by the court, it has been found that this soldiers are being electrocuted while a terrorist simulation was going on in the practice ground; others are kicked, beaten and are verbally abused by their commanders. If these commanders want to instill discipline they are doing it in a wrong way and some of them admit it in the court.

Another issue regarding German soldiers is that posing with skulls in Afghanistan, people find it very intriguing that Germans are disrespecting the dead people by posing with them; some are obscene poses being done by these servicemen. The people of Afghanistan are seeking the government of Germany to teach their soldiers to respect others culture and beliefs. People in Bronx were insulted when a German soldiers were heard when he uttered think of the Bronx and shoot, for this people the African-Americans society it is a way of discrimination and racism, they demanded the Germans to apologize for such act.

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A voluntary army is better because the people have the sense of freedom to choose how to help their country like in America, the people volunteered themselves for it is their way to help. If they are forced to join such organization it would only make things worse it is not by their own will, for they could jeopardize the country when in battle. Korea which still uses the draft have issues like suicides, harassment and bullying of soldiers are rampant.

The German Military should switch being a volunteer, to stop all the bad acts of commanders and the abuse of young soldiers for if this continues the image of military would be stained with issues and that would be bad publicity. To reconstruct the military of Germany it should undergo detailed meetings on how it could suit the people and how they could provide better service, the commanders should undergo seminars regarding culture and traditions of other countries to prevent disrespectful acts.


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