Supervisors And Employees Will Act Immediately When Notified

When notified of any domestic violence call/incident, whether inside or outside the city, involving an employee of the Tacoma Police Department, the supervisor/employee receiving the information shall immediately notify his/her chain of command or the Command Duty Officer (CDO)/Shift Lieutenant. In the event the information is about an assistant chief the CDO/Shift Lieutenant will notify the Chief of Police. If the information concerns the Chief of Police the Command Duty Officer/Shift Lieutenant will immediately notify the City Manager, Mayor, and the Pierce County Prosecutor.

If a domestic violence call/incident rises to the level of criminal activity and occurred within the City of Tacoma, LESA Dispatch will be notified and a supervisor/officers will be dispatched. A report shall be completed immediately by the employee/officer receiving the information. This report, which will supplement the officers/supervisors report, must include details on dates, times, location, circumstances, names, officials notified, and actions taken.

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When any employee of the Tacoma Police Department receives a call that involves a Tacoma Police Department employee and is criminal in nature but occurred within another jurisdiction, the other jurisdiction, if not already notified, will be notified by the Tacoma Police Chief or his/her designee. The Tacoma Police Department will advise the other agency of the location, people involved and any other pertinent information the other agency may need for their investigation. The Tacoma Police Department will also request a copy of all reports generated from the incident. 1. Initial DV Investigations Require Two Officers And A Supervisor

The Department will send a minimum of two officers and a permanent rank supervisor, preferably of a higher rank than the involved officer, to investigate any officer involved domestic violence call within the City of Tacoma regardless of the involved officer’s jurisdiction. If a higher ranking supervisor is not available the CDO/Shift Lieutenant will respond immediately to the scene. If the incident occurs in another jurisdiction and is a TPD employee involved domestic violence call, a permanent rank supervisor, with the approval of the CDO/Shift Lieutenant, will respond to the scene.

The supervisor will obtain as much information concerning the incident and the officer without interfering with the other jurisdictions investigation and/or the officer/employee rights. If a supervisor is unable to respond to another jurisdiction, the CDO/Shift Lieutenant or Chief’s Office will explain the Department’s policy and requirements to the other agency and refer them to their Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Tacoma Police Department (if a party to an MOU).

The Department will not condone interference by its employees and will ask the outside agency involved to contact the Chief’s Office as soon as practical to report any interference. Whenever an on-duty Tacoma police officer is investigating the scene of a domestic violence incident, which involves subjects who could cause the officer to experience emotional, political or career pressures such as City Council members, judges or prominent citizens, the officer is to request a supervisor respond to the scene.

Should the supervisor feel subjected to the pressures listed above he/she should immediately call the CDO/Shift Lieutenant for direction including, if necessary, having the CDO/Shift Lieutenant respond to the scene. Upon completion of the preliminary investigation the supervisor will ensure all required documentation is completed. Responding Officer Duties: Responding officers shall perform at a minimum the following actions upon their arrival: • Obtain medical attention if needed • Secure the scene • Address the immediate and future safety of the victim(s)

• Perform an unbiased investigation under the guidance of the responding supervisor and in accordance with RCW 10. 99 • Attempt to locate accused employee if he/she has left the scene All involved officers will write supplemental reports. On Scene Supervisor Duties: A permanent rank supervisor shall respond to the scene of all domestic violence incidents within the City of Tacoma involving any Department employee, and any other law enforcement officer identified as a suspect. The supervisor will ensure that the victim’s immediate safety needs are addressed.

The supervisor will ensure that any children located at the scene are safe and secure; to include transporting to another location deemed safe by the supervisor, if appropriate. If needed, will request CID domestic violence detectives through the CDO/Shift Lieutenant or family violence unit coordinator. The Supervisor will request that Internal Affairs respond to the scene when deemed necessary. Because a domestic violence victim may recant the allegation of the incident, the supervisor/officers must perform a complete, thorough, preliminary investigation.

The supervisor shall ensure that photographs of the scene are taken when appropriate for evidentiary reasons. The supervisor will ensure that a thorough and unbiased investigation is conducted and where probable cause exists the supervisor and/or CDO/Shift Supervisor will make the arrest according to Washington State Law, RCW 10. 31. 100. The supervisor/CDO will physically book the arrested employee. If probable cause exists to arrest the employee for domestic violence but the employee has left the scene, the on-scene supervisor will notify his/her chain of command or the CDO/Shift Lieutenant of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

If the supervisor/officer decides to not arrest the employee, the circumstances surrounding that decision shall be documented by the supervisor and forwarded to his/her chain of command. Whenever an officer is arrested, the supervisor shall relieve the accused officer of all service firearms, even if a member of another Department. If the firearms have not been used in the commission of a crime and are not needed for evidentiary reasons, arrangements will be made to return the service firearm to the appropriate agency.

The supervisor will confiscate personal firearms if they were used in the commission of the crime, were in plain view, or if they were voluntarily relinquished by the involved officer or owner. All administratively secured weapons will be placed in the Tacoma-Pierce County evidence room. A firearm (Department and/or personally owned) will only be released to the Chief of Police or his/her designee. If the arrested subject is the Chief of Police the weapons will only be released to the Pierce County Sheriff or his/her designee.

If an officer of the Tacoma Police Department is arrested, the on-scene supervisor and/or the CDO/Shift Lt. will impose an emergency suspension (MRP #2. 09. 001VI) on the involved officer and confiscate the officer’s service firearm, badge, commission card, and assigned vehicle. The supervisor will inform the employee of the reasons for the action and order the employee to report to the Assistant Chief of that bureau at 0900hrs. on the next regular office day or as otherwise advised by higher authority. If the next day is not a regular office day, the CDO is responsible for authorizing return to duty. The Supervisor will ensure that all reports are forwarded through the chain of command to the Chief of Police.


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