Case-Study Research Methodology

A case study is an enquiry which uses multiple sources of evidence. It evaluates a contemporary phenomenon in real life context within the boundaries of the phenomenon and when the context is not clearly evident. Potter, (1996) has defined case study as a “realistic” methodology, which deals with solid and specific questions. Case study translates research question into more researchable problems, and provides rich examples, which are easy to comprehend. The significance of case studies is its revealing meaning of a phenomenon.

A peer group case study approach is considered best suited than other techniques to implement this research, as it will concentrate on an empirical, contemporary problem. It will also enable answering the questions as, “why” and, “how” to understand the underlying motivations. It will generate empirical data and interesting information specific to the phenomenon under study. Research cases offer a unique tool to testing theory by examining phenomena which are beyond the traditional statistical approaches.

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Case study research is useful to the aims because the degree to which a case study produces valid and credible information is generally higher than qualitative research in a more general survey. In this research a comparative analysis of the major players in console gaming industry in the World such as Sony, Nintendo and X Box has been carried out as case studies to establish the relationship between the console, developer and gamer. Limitations of Case Study One of the limits of case studies is the difficulty of generalizing their findings.

If the case design is sound and if the researcher is careful to be explicit about the phenomenon and the context of the study, then results can be generalized. There are several issues that must be addressed in the design phase of case study research. The research case must be explicit about limitations. Furthermore, care must be taken in the design and execution of the case study research, so that the analysis is robust and readers have confidence in the results and conclusions.

Another limit of case studies is that they generate a lot of information that needs to be logically handled to strengthen the argument presented in order to develop credible conclusion. Observation Research Methodology Observation is an effective way of finding out about people in their particular environment. Observational research method provides understanding of interaction between members an organization or community. Ethnographic Research Methodology Ethnography is the study of cultural groupings.

It concentrates on close field observation of socio-cultural phenomena. Ethnographic research is a holistic approach that tries to understand a culture through the members of given culture. This is being analyzed in the research through a survey of the gaming population and its global, gender and age profile divisions. Research Instruments Primary data is collected for the research study to answer a specific question. Ways of collecting this kind of information includes surveys, observation or controlled experiments.

Surveys are one of the most common ways to collect data, where the subject can be contacted through mail, telephone or directly in personal interviews. It entails sending questionnaires, interviews and non-formal enquiries made to people. By carrying out interviews of a significant number of individuals a broad perspective can be provided. This research will collect data by essentially the method of interviews and questionnaires. Quantitative Research Methodologies Quantitative research is gathering data in quantity.

The goal of the quantitative research approach is to find out the truth by using statistical procedure. Quantitative methodology allows readers to understand facts easily by looking at charts and graphs. The use of statistics reduces contradictions, which may exist in research. Morgan (2000) has mentioned that “quantification” allows accuracy of statements by providing facts and figures with precision. Absence of one will make the other incomprehensible. It is assumed that quantitative methodologies are more logical and comprehensible than qualitative methodology for this reason.


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