Descriptive Research Methodology

Descriptive research begins with a well-defined objective and is aimed to describe an event. This will be the key to the research on the subject and will be undertaken by a review of the gaming industry as a whole with particular reference to console gaming and the relationship between its three main components, console, developer and gamer. Experimental Research Methodology Experimental method is basically control and trial method. Experimental methods are normally associated with natural science and laboratories. This is not considered relevant for this research. The Quasi-Experimental Research Methodology

A real experiment may not suitable for realities of marketing or social research due to several constraints. In order to have an approximated ideal of an experimental research which is less complex and less time consuming than an actual experiment is referred as “quasi-experiment” Data Collection Method Questionnaire Survey Surveys are frequently used to obtain information about social issues. Jones (1997) has described that survey needs planned strategy to gather data. Surveys can be conducted in many ways, over the telephone, by mail or in person. Questionnaire surveys are ideal for providing complex information.

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Questionnaire involves a sample of the population which can range from few hundreds to few thousands depending on the research study (Veal, 2000). Questionnaires provide raw data which is analyzed in different computer software. Limitation of the questionnaires On an average the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but a key drawback is low response rate. This will result in low level of confidence and distort the analogy of statistical information. Another weakness of questionnaire is the fact that it is a structured format and allows little room for flexibility with respect to reply by the respondents.

Due to limitations of the questionnaire this method has not been explored in the study. Interview Interviews will form an interactive part of this study and they will be carried out after the secondary research is done. When doing these interviews it will be important to keep a neutral view of the research topic, where the actual behavior instead of an intended behavior needs to be identified. Veal (2000) has described interview as a strategy to find out from people about the things, which cannot be observed directly. The interviews are meant to collect data from each respondent face to face.

In interview each respondent contributes a different perspective of the same question. Personal interviewing provides face-to-face contact with respondents, which permits audible and visual communication with respondents in real time. Limitations of interviews Despite the advantages associated with interviews, a number of limitations must also be acknowledged. For example they are time-consuming; one of the biggest weaknesses could be the ability to interview only a sample population, raising concerns with the generalization of findings.

Furthermore, there are several issues that must be addressed in the interview process as, validity, reliability and interviewer bias, since it is likely that response gathered by qualitative means such as interviews could be interpreted differently depending on the personal bias of the researcher. As a consequence, in this investigation, the use of multiple sources of data has been conceived to validate qualitative data, as the degree to which archival data, interviews, and document analysis converge makes the conclusions about the phenomenon more convincing.

Keeping in view the major disadvantages of the interview technique this has not been used in the research. The Method in which Conclusions will be derived The most important issue in research is that the process of arriving at conclusions is not a sequential one. No conclusion can be drawn until there is a clear data display. Consequently, after having carried out a literature review, data analysis of the video gaming industry across the globe and the case studies appropriate conclusions on the relationship between the console, developer and the gamer and the scope for growth of the video game industry will be drawn .


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