Water resources

In 1960, the mean consumption was 4851 IG per head. This increased by 1970 to 9252 IG. In 1980 it reached 16734 IG, then it increased again to 29583 IG in 1992 and in the year 2000 it was 36931 GI. By 2005 the mean per capita consumption was 37279 GI, which is one of the highest rates in the world. Figure 6: shows the consumption of fresh water per capita from 1985 to 2005. The increase in consumption seems to have risen because most of the residential areas in Kuwait now have piped water.

The increase of population and the development of existing towns and of new residential areas are also other significant reasons. Finally, the consumption of freshwater per capita has reached more or less saturation levels and may well level off. Conclusion Water consumption in Kuwait has increased rapidly in recent years when compared with the previous twenty years It is and has been a major concern since the total amount consumed is very high when compared with the country’s size and population and the poor natural water resources.

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The major reasons for the increase in water consumption can be put down to two factors; the discovery of oil which made Kuwait one of the richest countries and the spending of this wealth which followed, i. e. more facilities and activities some of them water based such as big gardens and swimming pools, huge irrigation systems etc. This decreased somewhat in 1991 due to the Iraqi invasion and then started to increase rapidly again after the war. Water consumption has also increased due to the increase in use by both agricultural and industrial activities.

The water in Kuwait is divided into two types, freshwater and brackish water. Both are delivered to the majority of consumers by a network of pipes. In earlier times Kuwait recieved water from Shaat Al-Arab (in Iraq), but nowadays most water comes from the desalination plants which are very costly to maintain. According to the data available a proper water management plan and the education of the population with regard to this is essential for Kuwait to manage water usage, in order to ensure adequate future supplies and reduce economic costs.


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