Background of the War

As we have discussed above, Iraq War that has begun by the Bush government with the support of troops and forces of supportive countries, has been unsuccessful. In the result, a number of losses have deteriorated the United States in different and various ways. In this paper, we will try to discuss and analyze the losses that have been confronted by the United States, due to the Iraq’s invasion in March 2003 until present. Casualties of the War Many forms have been observed in the casualties of the war in Iraq since March 2003 until present.

In addition, great variation has been noted in the available information, as well as, its accuracy and validity regarding the occurrence of different types of incidents that have resulted in different types of casualties in the Iraq. Daily and careful updating and tracking of the death toll of the coalition forces that have been led by the United States is done. In this regard, wide publication has been distributed and telecasted for the names and photographs of the wounded, injured, and even dead soldiers and members of the coalition forces. (Moore, 2004)

However, less accuracy, reliability, and validity has been observed in the casualties of civilian, as well as, military forces of the Iraq in the war. Bias and partiality has been observed in the recording and updating of the death tolls of these forces in the region. In this regard, a number of reporters on the scene have been able to provide the estimates and other related information regarding the casualty levels of the forces in the region. In addition, organizations that are involved in the incidents and operations have also been contacted for the statistics.

(Murray, 2003) Even in the great variation, it is confirmed that the Iraq War has deteriorated and terminated thousands of lives and damaged houses and habitats of many lives in the region, which has resulted in the opposition and criticism of the war by a number of experts, professionals, critics, and even the Americans. On June 28, 2004, interim government of the Iraq was handed over with the official authority over the area; towns across Iraq have shown a number of unending attacks on the coalition forces and troops.

The casualty numbers of these soldiers and troops of the coalition forces are still increasing and updated by a number of different resources that shows that the Iraq war is continuing to worsen the lives of thousands of people in different parts of the world. In the result, it has resulted in the opposition for this war. (Murray, 2003) Over nineteen thousand casualties have been suffered by the military of the United States, as the fourth year started on March 19, 2006 during the war in Iraq.

The numbers of wounded soldiers in the war came out to be more than seventeen thousand in the Iraq, and approximately two thousand three hundred bodies of the U. S. soldiers were sent to the United States from the Iraq. In April 2003, a number of insurgents in the Iraq performed various operations that resulted in ninety-five percent of the abovementioned casualties of the soldiers. The fall of Baghdad in the Iraq is claimed to be one of the causes of the insurgency in the region. Signs of consistency and ferocity were showed by these Iraqi insurgents, especially during the violent period of September 11 in the same year 2003.

(Moore, 2004) (Michael, 2006) In Fallujah, a bridge was used to hang the bodies of four contractors of the United States, who were killed by the Iraqi insurgents and mutilation of their bodies was done by the insurgents’ lethality was dramatically increased by this incident. In the result, the efforts for the Iraq war were escalated by the Bush government, and more costly war was the result of this escalation. In the second year of the war, wounded soldiers were 8,454 and 936 died by the operations of the opposition. (Danchev, 2005)

All these casualties included a broken leg, or a broken arm, which created a sense of fear and opposition in the Iraqi, as well as, American civilians. A number of American soldiers were sent to their homes with one leg, or one hand that changed their lives from their scratch. A soldier, who used to protect the country, now can look in the sky and dream of doing the same, while sitting on his wheel chair. This was the condition of many soldiers in the United States. This resulted in the hatred towards the Bush government, and towards the decision of sending American soldiers in the Iraq. (Abrams, 2003)


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