Strategic Environmental Assessment

These properties are now under consideration to use of those in greatest need. With enormous guidelines and support mechanisms, including financial assistance for those might fuel poverty, set by the council; the economic sustainability of the housing program is evident. Sustainability indicators are the support mechanisms provided by the Council of Cardiff including financial assistance. The sustainability of this housing program extends to the safety of the residents.

According to Geoff Marlow, the council will ensure that Cardiff residents can safely live within their community. Those who have destructive behaviour, those who are criminals, drug dealers, and engaged in street crimes will not be admitted in any of these community. These new housing project will be environmentally sustainable, as new houses will be designed to have least amount impact on the local, global, and indoor environment regarding carbon emissions, material and water use, and minimization of waste during its construction.

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Thus, environmentally speaking, the project will add to a good quality of life for the homeowners as the necessities of internal situations that promote better health, a general feeling of well being and comfort have been generously in place. Nevertheless, in general, the effect of housing system in Cardiff affects the social, economic, and environment of the province, which are interrelated and interconnected. The increase in the demand for more affordable family housing unit poses environmental concerns as brownfields housing developments consist only of smaller units due to its limited land area..

This means that more greenfield housing are needed to meet the needs of all segments of Cardiff’s population. However, according to the Council, development of any greenfield housing will have consequence, the loss of green space. In this case, more agricultural lands will be converted to residential sites, which is further reducing environmental resources. However, the Cardiff Council, through its Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment, is studying the possibility of constructing greenfields affordable housing on brownfields land.

In the mean time, considerable segment of those who work in the city will bear the burden of commuting from the wider section. Another option of Cardiff Council is planning to address the increasing demand for housing in Cardiff, which is the development of more brownfield housing in Greenfield sites. According to the Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment, these brownfields locations will have the features of the urban area to help meet the needs of the new community such as improving the roads, putting up communications system and public transport network.

The Council also emphasized in the layout and design important factors that would add more convenience on the residents such as allowing access for pedestrians, lane for the cyclists, water features and green areas. Particularly, the layout and design gives emphasis to regulate temperature in the community. The environmental sustainability in greenfield development is carefully considered by retaining much of the spaces as possible through landscaping and other possible means. Therefore, one of the concerns of the sustainable housing is its impact not only in the society of Cardiff but on environment as well.


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