Sustainability planning/green

Sustainability in general is the ability to maintain a certain process or a state indefinitely, as such therefore sustainable development planning is a resourceful measure that aims at satisfying human needs while preserving the environment that these needs can continue to be met not only now but also in the future indefinitely. According to Brundland commission sustainability is development that meets the present needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainability as such therefore is a broad discipline that has other constituent parts, which includes environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability (http;//learningforsustainability. net/susdev/). This paper will major on economic sustainability and a little bit of environmental sustainability; however the three constituent parts operate interchangeably. Economic sustainability provides for those strategies that individuals, companies, or even countries make in order to remain strong in terms of economic matters.

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Green development on the other hand is a term that sometimes may be used in place of sustainable development however it majors on environmental sustainability over economic and social aspects of sustainability. Green development is very much an essential factor in the overall sustainability development in that both economic and social aspects of sustainability are depended on the environmental factors in their quest for sustainability (http://www. sustainablemeasures. com/). History of Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation is a widely known multinational corporation that has its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. It is virtually the worlds leading producer of automobiles with many subsidiaries all over the world. Back in 1934 Toyota made the first step towards vehicle manufacture when it made its first engine- type A. two years down the line the first passenger car – a Toyota AA was made, in the following year 1937 Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda broke away from his fathers company and officially started Toyota motors corporation.

Toyota as we know it today had such a humble history, its just amazing to note that today it owns the Lexus and Scion brands of cars. It is also true that Toyota owns the majority shares in Daihatsu motors and it has minimal shares in Isuzu motors, and Yamaha motors. In total Toyota has got 522 subsidiaries world over and apart from manufacture of automobiles it has got a financial services division, it is also involved in the business of robot manufacture.


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