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5-6 tips to on the best way to decorate your living space

House is nix a place but plainly an irreversible condition.
To maintain the same state you need to take stock of the enduring furniture and
decor of your living space. In such event you’ll be able to get rid of those
defaced, old fashioned or avoidantly attached. After scrapping the stuff you’ll
be left with ample space and room for ideas to come in. Below mentioned are
tips that’ll help you to choose the best way to decorate your living space

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Make your living room visually welcome by
arranging the room furniture, paramounting the best size rug and create
conversational areas. For this you need to know living room basics which

about leaving enough space for the people to walk around the furniture

pulling furniture away from the walls

the focal point of the room

Once you are done with the making process, you
need to look into the positioning of the accessories for your living space
which can be jewellery, silverware, washi tape art which are some forms of the
artwork available. Others can be mantels, photo walls or grids.

Motley of lighting not just pitches events that
take place but also makes the place look great. Lighting can be done through
floor lamps, wall sconces and hanging fixtures. Mixture of these lights should
be in proportion so as to make a nice mix.

Adding right punch of colours will elate the
decor of your home which can be done

-by painting just one wall

-choosing solids or patterned pillows for
the strategically placed furniture

-annexing mother nature to your living
space either naturally for those who have a green thumb or artificially for
those who are out a lot

-throwing a colourful rug to the floor

A big no should be to the small rugs along with
the colours which make your living space look either too dark or too light. The
rug chosen should complement the decor of your home.

Versatility is the element your living space should have as
you uncoil yourself after a long day which you won’t be able if it’s confined
and jumbled. 


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