Diabetes mellitus (DM) leads to metabolic
abnormalities involving regulation of carbohydrate, lipids, and proteins metabolism.
These abnormalities produce long-lasting complication in a variety of organs. Disturbance in the male
reproductive system is associated with type II diabetes mellitus due to
testicular dysfunction. Glucose metabolism is critical for spermatogenesis
and also specific functions of mature sperm such as motility and fertilization ability. Ample
evidences have been shown that DM decrease testicular weight, sperm count,
motility of sperm and also increase abnormal sperm in the testes . Multiple factors are involved in the onset of diabetic pathology.
It seems that chronic hyperglycemia and oxidative stress are playing a critical
contribution in the pathogenesis of
DM . In this
context, medicinal plants and their active constituents, because of their
antioxidant properties, have received considerable attention for the management
of diabetes and its complications . Crocin is one of
the major biologically active substances of saffron and gardenia yellow, the
extracts of Crocus sativus stigmas and Gardenia jasminoides fruits, respectively . This
phytochemical compound exerts many pharmacological effects including anti–oxidant
and anti– inflammatory , antinociceptive , and neuroprotective  activities. Animal models have played an important role in the
characterization of disease pathophysiology and identification of novel
therapeutic avenue. The streptozotocin (STZ) model of diabetes is commonly used
for better understanding of antidiabetic drugs. However, STZ cause significant
destruction of the pancreatic mass and may therefore mimic changes closer to
type I diabetes rather than type II diabetes mellitus. Some studies have been
shown that high-fat diet (HFD) might induce changes in energy metabolism, insulin
resistance and dyslipidemia in rodents and humans .
Recently, it has been reported that combination of HFD with low dose STZ has
successfully mimicked natural progress of diabetes development in human type II


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