Bad Influences

Doctor Phil McGraw’s television talk show covers a multitude of topics involving people that seek psychological advice. In an episode that aired on 2 May 2005 abruptly entitled Bad Influences, Dr. Phil dealt with people experiencing difficulty in life due to the negative influences constituted by their loved ones. The relationships challenged by the negative influences varied from sibling relationship, romantic relationship, and father-son relationship.

The first pair of entailed identical twins Crystal and Jocelyn Potter having an argument about how the adult entertainment industry compensates better than any day job available for employment. Crystal expressed interest of getting a job in a bordello insinuating that if she and her sister Jocelyn went in together, they would make more money in a year than what they can earn in years of doing hard and straining labor. For the second part of the episode, 21-year old Amber together with her parents show a substantial amount of concern how Amber’s boyfriend Chad has become a bad influence.

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Amber complained that since highschool, her boyfirend Chad has persuaded her to do numerous things that go against her upbringing. These include engaging in pre-marital sex, expermineting with different narcotics, and having excessive alcohol intake. Amber’s father Craig also complained how disappointing it was that Amber was getting into a lot of things that are destructive for her, although they offer a sense of excitement, it also threatens a person’s life as such actions always imply negative consequences.

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