Prevention Of Youth And Gang Violence

A gang is defined as a group of individuals that have a common identity. The identity can just be the mere fact of associating together. There is some negative connotation that is carried by the word gang. In most cases the members in a gang have a phrase that is used as a form of identity. Gang activities can include violence and organized crime. Gang violence in most cases refers to groups that are loosely organized so that they carry out various forms of violence. (Whyte, 1943) The whole incidence of gang activity in schools has become quite frequent in the recent years.

This is just a reflection of youth gang growth for the last two decades. Gang violence is very common in urban schools as compared to schools in suburban areas. These youth gangs get involved in criminal activity and delinquent behavior. (Bakeer, 1987) History Gang violence has been in existence since the period when people inhabited the world. Throughout the period of 1200AD, there has been gang violence. Research shows that these gangs also had their own slang, rituals and hand signs. The issue of gang violence in general is not a new concept and it has been there since time immemorial.

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Throughout the period of 1800s, many Americans were fascinated by gang violence. This is the case though it may sound quite illogical. There were violence gangs like Billy the Kid and James Gang which were famous in the Wild West. During this period, there were violence gangs like Dead Rabbits, and Whyos. New York City was terrorized during this period by Monk Eastman gang. In the year 1920’s and 1930s, there were violence gangs that flogged the American streets. During this era, violence gangs were highly associated with ethnic ghettos and low income neighborhoods.

The entire population in United States witnessed ghetto neighborhoods and immigrant groups in America from gangs that exhibited violence in their activities. By this time, many Asians, Hispanics and African Americans were majority people found in street gangs. During the 1940’s there were also Mexican gangs that were also violent that were along United States west coast. In the 1950’s there violence gangs like Vice Lords and Latin Kings which were in Chicago. African American violence street gangs were very common during the 1960’s. They were quite common in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

They were formed under famous names like Savage Nomads, La Famila and Savage Skulls. There was a street gang called Rampers that realized that one of their members was practicing infamy. In the early 1970’s gangs like Crips that were in Los Angeles were very violent to the extent that rival groups of gangs were formed to challenge its strength. By the year 1980’s many violence gangs started getting involved in drug trafficking and drug networks. This increased their violence even the more. Many of the street gangs developed into drug gangs and they pretended to have business like operations.

Once there is involvement with drugs, then violence becomes part and parcel in their activities. Gangs like Gangster disciples, Crips, Bloods and Latin Kings ensured that their violence was spread throughout United States of America. There was much suffering in the major cities because of these violence gangs. (California. District Attorney, 1992) In the 1990’s many gangs continued to spring up and they played a big part in the increase in crime rate. The twentieth century also came in with more technology being used by violence gangs.


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