Rapid global domination

At the present, the western world is always regarded as an influential society to the global community. Most of their actions in the most significant aspects such as economy, military, politics and others are always critically monitored as their actions and views regarding global issues and events affect significantly the movement of the other societies. This dominant idea of the western societies can be observed in different aspects in the lifestyles and cultures of the modern world such in the field of economy, politics, philosophy, military and social concepts.

Indeed, the western world plays an important part in the in the present global human civilization. The idea of western dominance can actually be rooted in the historical development of the world whereas the western societies particularly that of the western and central Europe actually became the leading factor to the development of the modern civilization. As history detailed, transformation of modernity in various field such as politics, economy, philosophy and others can be generally rooted in the western nation as they modern culture originated from the transformation of the western world.

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Through their imperialistic expansion and colonization, western societies have been able to spread their primary assets which are the concept of modernity and use these ideas to gain dominant power over the less developed societies. Through this, the west was able to establish its rapid dominance over the lately developed global community. Through history, we can see that the rapid dominance of the western societies started particularly after the period of 1500. Before this period, Europe was actually in the verge of rapid development and transformation in various fields.

Through this rapid development, western nations actually gained the upper hand in the race to the establishment of the modern world thus, making them look like superior races to other nations. Through this blinding idea, western societies have been able to colonize less developed nations and influence them with their culture while preserving their dominant nature in the process. Indeed, their more advanced views regarding the different fields in civilized living made them superior societies to the world.

The primary tools of the western community are generally their more advance field of culture and lifestyle in various aspects. In the field of politics, European nations have been able to establish ahead of the other nations the system of comprehensible and transparent government and taxation system. Through this, they were able to manage and maintain their sovereign nature to the conquered land. In religion, the rapid increase in Christianism in Europe was also use in the imperialism of the western world becoming their diplomatic means for binding together their conquered nations.

The far more developed philosophies of the western world was also used making the Europeans look like far more intelligent people thus, making them more superior than the others. In terms of economy, western worlds became the leading societies for trade and exports making the other nations dependent on their products. Through economic development also that the western nations was able to established a mutual trade relationships between them and the global market. In addition, the far more superior military capabilities of the western nations enabled them to forcefully dominant nations that resisted their influence.

In general views, after the rapid development within the European nations, western societies became more advanced compare to the other global society. They are the ones who were able to step in first to the modern world and with their help and influence, other nations were able to develop their own respective societies. Because of this, western nations are regarded to be superior at those periods which eventually lasted until the present making the western society an influential icon to the modern present world.


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