Why it Bugs me to Eat with Cheap People

Eating out, it’s the world’s most favorite past time. I, for one, enjoy it a lot, especially when I eat out with people who are more than willing to shell out a few extra bucks just to enjoy the pleasures of eating out. What irritates me is sometimes I chance upon people who are cheap when it comes to eating out. I believe in the philosophy that people should not be thrifty when it comes to matters of food. Food exists to be enjoyed. We all have experiences when after eating, people (sometimes relatives) tend to be shy in pulling their wallets out of their pockets.

As mentioned I love eating out, everybody does. I mean who doesn’t? The luxury of eating out is priceless. I wouldn’t have to prepare my own meal, arrange the table and most importantly I can just pay the bill and leave without worrying about the dishes. I am not much of a cook myself so having all those fine chefs cook my food is certainly a good thing, especially when I am with other people. But eating out with other people is not always fun, It’s fun when the everybody shares in the expenses or better yet, it’s free.

There are just occasions (which I hope to be rare if not never) that I would not encounter cheap people while eating out. Nothing irritates me more than a person who is trying to get away with a free meal after filling his or her tummy with everything on the menu. Sometimes, cheap people even have the audacity to request for specific dishes without even planning on paying for them. I mean, it’s okay to point but you have to pay. It’s okay to skip sharing once in a while, especially during occasions when someone has achieved a milestone, say a promotion, birthday, a raise, those sorts of things.

It is just customary for us to sometimes be “it” when it comes to eating out. Worse than pointing and eating is deliberately asking to be treated to a restaurant for no apparent reason. We all try to make a living for ourselves and family (or our parents do) and it wouldn’t be fair to ask a colleague to pay for the meal if there is no special occasion. Sometimes someone who is from a higher stature, at least financially, would be cheap despite being more than capable of paying for the entire meal.

I admit, I don’t pay for my meals all the time, but those are from friends who offered to pay for the meal because of special occasions like those mentioned before. I don’t actively ask for anyone to pay for my meals. Cheap people bug me because most of the time, cheap people would talk about themselves during the meal, trying to be the host of some sort. They talk about their achievements, places they’ve been, and information they know, trying to show how “classy” they are. Now that I’ve thought of it, they aren’t actually acting classy, they are acting cheap-ly.

They probably talk about their achievements because they try impress the people around the table so they would be obliged to pay for the achiever’s (or cheap person’s) meal. My theory is they think if they sound or look classy enough, people would try to impress them in return by paying for the meal. Cheap people, they bug me. If it wasn’t just rude to ask before hand if everyone in the group would pay, I would do so, but of course, it is, so I wouldn’t. So for all those cheap people reading my paper, take this as a hint.


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