6.0 objectives in the first year. MHR targeted

6.0 Creative Approach / Message Strategy

The creative approach begins with
understanding advertisement and devise some consumer perceptions. We understand
that employees in Singapore are work well under high pressure. However, in a
long term, the high pressure will reduce productivity and increase stress.

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6.1.1 Message strategy statement    

Message strategy message include 3
points, there are benefit principles, reason why, and brand. MHR Lombok offers
to customer the escape of busy life in their cities, the major benefits is able
to relax and recharge the power in novelty environments. Customer will have
more productive, happier in their work and daily life. MHR use a strong,
practical message. Marketing team believe if we provide the positive attributes
for product and service, MHR has more attention from the target market.


6.1.2 Types of message strategies

We researched 6 important kinds of
message strategies and there are emotional, unique Selling Proposition,
generic, positioning, brand Image, pre-emptive. Marketing team use the
positioning message strategy for this IMC project. Positioning

brand has 25 years’ experience in hospitality sector, it is a famous brand in
the tourist industry. Therefore, MHR offers the fresh and luxurious resort for
tourists. The team will have a suitable orientation for Singaporean and
Malaysian. Lombok is a beautiful tropical island located east of Bali. It have
a famous world-class beach, coral reefs and some leisure activities such as
scuba diving and sailing. In addition, Lombok beach is more beautiful and quiet
beach than Bali. Resort also set up the best and modern equipment and MHR
Lombok will be one of the top luxurious and beautiful resort in there


6.2 Advertising appeals to be used

MHR has a lot of challenges such as
competitions with many hotel and resort that have already been there and got
familiar with the customers. Therefore, MHR must choose some accordant parts in
communication project for the needs of the sales objectives in the first year.
MHR targeted consumers mostly are busy people and family in Singapore/Malaysia.
Therefore, the goal is to promote and introduce the resort to customers in 18
months. In this time, the head objectives that need to be completion is 10,000
bookings with an estimated average length of stay of 3.5 nights (35,000 booking
nights) for the Lombok resort in its first year of operations.

idea can be used to convince consumers that MHR Lombok has a lot of unique
benefits that meet their needs. A Collaborative and information share campaigns
are developed from traditional and digital media. The traditional media is
newspapers, magazines and Digital media is digital images, digital video,
website, apps, social media, and billboard. Moreover, the social media is one
of the best choice in convincing the target audience to choose MHR Lombok.
These will help MHR to be know the potential customers and it can attractive
more customers in the first year. In addition, the DAGMAR approach also used to
measure the results of advertising projects and determine whether specific
goals were met


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