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We made the incredible efforts by joining all the information and ways of business investment to invent this matchless version of software for you. This system renewed all the old types of methods in property management that were time consuming too.

6-CLICKS provides the proper guidance for a community to work out for many emerging things of this system like Lead generation and this guideline is from a click to start to a click of closing including step by step follow up instructions.

6-CLICKS: A unique software providing the easy steps to business agents and property dealers to do an appropriate property deal.

Any plan like: If you are an agent to deal with the investors, searching the packaging deals, or making the renting business for your property, looking forward for such trade instructions,

6-CLICKS is everywhere to answer your questions and manage your problems of business and property dealing.

All the features are mobile friendly: Calibrate and optimize your work following these easy aspects.

Follow the Tool of Lead scraping action here:

The built-in tools provide you faster instructions as well as interface of the system is very simple to perceive. The platform of 6-CLICKS helps you to know about many inspired persons and you have no need to virtually assist them in manual lead scrap working.

Templates modification:

If you want to edit templates related to your business, you can modify them.

Response rate of 6-CLICKS, best with Mailing+Stamps+Hand written Wrappings

6-CLICKS is advantageous for you as you can use direct mail to home or PDF mailing. We will sign your business letters, put them in an envelope that is hand written along with stamp on it and send back to you.

Multifarious offer proposals

A click of button can help you to send variety of offers to us. The Email which you sent to the seller includes terms and agreement heads.

Contacts: legally created

Your contracts can be created by you legally with terms and conditions and you can send them to sellers. To wait for the legal contracts by a lawyer will not be necessary here.

Dashboard of management

Management dashboard can help you to see the stage of your lead giving you a daily and weekly report. This can guide you about the needs to improve your lead pipeline.

Lead Scraping Bot

A click of button can make baetter your research about “lead of Sale” using Scrape Zoopla.

Tasks creation

6-CLICKS can help you to create a variable list of works for your team that can enhance the averge activity rate.

Direct house mailing

You can sent your business and marketing letters directly by a stamped envelope to your lead at home.

Database of property

Set the views that are customizable and property details can be edited and restored properly through this filter.

Database Of Investors And Buyers

CSV uploading system should be used to store a very large data of buyer’s contacts and of investors in their database setup.

Templates of Built-In offers

Make a proper terms and agreement lockout to calculate the offers and produce multiplicity in them while sending to the Lead like: (Rent to buy & Discounted Cash)

Property logs and activity

Use 6-CLICKS for each lead to know the activity with time and individual property criteria. It shows you where your business stands.

Email Blasts

Use the templates of property dealing that are editable and send your modified deal list to the buyers by this facility.

Legal contracts

You can send your deals by making complete legal contract yourself without waiting for the other lawyers to make a setup for this.

Dashboard for users

6-CLICK dashboard is amazing for your conversation about sales and monitoring the response rate with your lead pipeline.

Follow up system

Reminder alerts of the system and follow up activity can take care of your business. Use the system to get rid of worries about investment & business.

Customize the template

Templates are customizable. Use them in marketing and offer proposals to buyers+investors

6-CLICKS software makes your business competitive; new and experienced persons take a massive benefit from this invented tool.

6-CLICKS: System for those agents and business individuals who are looking forward to automate their property dealing and business investment. Make your deals, suitable contracts and use this best tool for mailing and receiving the responses.

Scraping Lead is the tool of the system; so, 6-CLICKS is guiding you step by step from making business letters to a closing property deal for buyers and investors.

UK has only one such comprehensive software dealing the property matters and mobile friendly.

6-CLICKS has fully efficient feature. Use the software and make your property dealing easy, modified and without time consuming work.
















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