They created Enterprise resource
planning(ERP)which is a system that enable company to use its resources efficiently.
CISCO which is a recording system so they received calls from the customer and
solve their problems. Mashaweer’s server that manages Orders (Placement,
editing, pricing, review, tracking and reports), Routes management and
optimization, Clients (Management, reports, discounts, Packages tracking, Contracts,
Call Center, Satellite offices, Representatives, Cash transactions and expenses
tracking or representatives and satellite offices, Asset tracking and satellite
offices, Asset tracking of vehicles, PDAs and mobile printers

And Management reports.
Also, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to monitor and keep a
track on all live orders. Application programmer’s interface (API) this allows
third parties to automate their delivery.

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Business function
that case supports sales and marketing in selling goods and services. Manufacture
and production in producing and delivering goods and services. Human resources in
maintaining and developing the organization labor force and employee records. Finance
and accounting in managing financial records and financial assets.


 PDAS provides date like GPS to keep on the track order
and the location which make it easier to avoid errors. PDAS manage these
elements Order
items progress tracking, Collection of order fees and other costs, against a
printed invoice, Package handling (barcode scanning and destinations), Messaging,
Cash and expenses tracking and Synchronizing data periodically and at the
beginning of each shift



Yes, its good decision to expand the business to Cairo. The
effects of information systems (use of technology) are that the indicators
depend on the progress and development of the useful and facilitate the working
conditions, and reduce costs, as a result, the costs will decrease and this
leads to lower prices and improve quality to fit more suitable for many

Mashaweers future strategy
was Mashaweer market, which means provides online supermarket and enable people
to do their grocery shopping online and get delivered within 30 minutes, call
center which is going to improve Mashaweer revenue as long they start marketing
campaigns. Also, geographically expansion which means enter into other markets
in different regions with law cost. Yes, Mashaweer will be able to accomplish
their future strategy and sustain its market share due to their equipment,
software, PDA, hardware, and head quarters.  


I think in
the future there will be no aggressive relationship between Mashawir and
Al-Wasaly because Mashaweer is a company that works to improve its own position
and work conditions, while Wasaly was founded after the success of Mashaweer and
operates on a small scale. Wassly cannot compete with Mashaweer due to its
advantages such as database of loyal customers, self-manageable investment, highly
qualified and carefully selected riders, different revenue, being the owner of
an IT company.


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