Why Major League Baseball Should Not Have a Designated Hitter

How does it feel when somebody takes over your place? Or how does it feel when you are not given the opportunity to show what you got just because it is the rule and you are not allowed to trample that rule? Isn’t it unfair? I say the Major League Baseball must get rid of that designated hitter rule! The Major League Baseball is the first to adopt the designated hitter rule (often shortened to DH). It is aimed at replacing the pitcher with other players of the participating team when it is his turn to bat. Why? It is because most pitchers are not good hitters. As simple as that.

Normally, the effect of relieving the weak player would be the increase in batting average of the playing team as compared to the team with the “weak player” playing. But isn’t that player good at pitching? He is not weak at all. I believe pitchers should not be replaced on their turn. The DH rule of Major League Baseball must be stopped. Why the Major League Baseball should not have a designated hitter? I have come to think of many reasons. First, the designated hitter rule does not make any team better during the competition. There is a regular and symmetrical rotation between the players during batting.

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All the players must take their turn and since the pitcher is also a player of the team, he should also bat even though he is not a good hitter. After all, if it is implemented in both fighting teams, there is a degree of impartiality, meaning each team will have “weak players” playing. What’s the sense of replacing them? Well, I think they replace those “weaklings” because they wanted to get higher scores. This is true. When the Major League Baseball implemented the rule, there was an increase in the batting average of the participating teams.

But come to think of it, if the batting average of both teams increased, aren’t they still the same? What changed were the batting average and not the difference between the two teams. In fact, there was no changed at all! The designated hitter rule doesn’t make any team better. It only replaces the pitcher in his turn. Second, the designated hitter rule disrupts the symmetry of the game. The principal rule states that “the position of the players is fixed throughout the duration game. ” There is a regular rotation between the players and that the pitcher is also a player of the team and he is included in the rotation.

He deserves equal treatment like the other eight players. Although we assign the players into different positions during defense position (fielding team), these divisions do not apply when they are in offense position (batting team) because all are required to bat. All have differing but complementing functions. Each one is important in the rotation. The designated hitter rule is inconsistent with the principle stated above. Since it is aimed at replacing the pitcher during his turn, the whole rotation system is disrupted and thus the symmetry of the game.

Third, the double switch helps improve the team’s performance. Before the implementation of the DH rule, double switch was used and the manager is the one who controls the process. The purpose of the double switch is to improve the team while the game is on-going. A player is substituted whenever the manager thinks that player is not capable of doing the expected output or if he has some better substitutes to that player. Of course, its purpose is to improve the team’s performance. I said earlier that the designated hitter rule does not improve the team’s performance but double switch does.

Today, the double switch is still used by the Major League Baseball. What’s the sense of implementing the designated hitter rule? Advocates say it helps protect the pitcher from acquiring injuries but I say that is not a mark of true talent. A talented player knows how to control himself and knows how to avoid injuries without compromising his game play. History shows that there are a lot of players who are good players. They are all-around players who are able to function well in both batting and pitching. They are really great!

The last but no the least, all players have the right to show their skills. Since the designated hitter rule replaces the pitcher during his turn in batting, he is stripped of the opportunity to learn, to improve and to show his skills in batting. I believe this is unfair and contradicting to the principles of sportsmanship. The Major League Baseball must stop the designated hitter rule because there are people who are stripped of their skills. It is unfair! Of course there are hazards when we consider the intensity of the game but it depends upon the manager.

Why would he choose a weakling? Baseball is an extreme sport so the players must be well-rounded. Baseball is a competition of skills and no rule must prohibit the players from showing their skills and talents. Conclusion I believe the Major League Baseball must get rid of the designated hitter rule. First, it does not affect the performance of the team. Second, inserting the pitcher to another position in the line-up disrupts the rotation process as well as the symmetry of the game. Third, there is a much better option than the DH rule and it is the double switch.

Finally, baseball is a show of talents and skills and no rule must prevent them from doing so. There will be no weak players in the team if only the manager picks the members of the lineup wisely. To prevent injuries, wise selection and proper training is important. There is no need to replace the player’s position consistent to the principle which states that “the player’s position is fixed until the end of the game. ”


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