A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

The plot of A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian being set in “contemporary” Great Britain was happening in the perspective of Nadia (or Nedezhda in some known references) the daughter of Pappa (or Nikolai in some known references). (Milks) Nadia had a sister, Vera, who had a conflict with her. The family had the worst moments when Pappa planned to engage in another marriage just after two years when her wife died; it was Valentina who will be married to Pappa.

However, notice that their ages differ for about fifty-years, Valentina being 36 and Pappa being 84. (Lewycka) Valentina who outrageously deceived Pappa was a very luxurious young lady who would soon come up to threaten his spouse, Pappa, because of discontentment and glutonous desire. Most of the casts were immigrants to the place. (Mulley, 2006) Each character was bearing different kinds of dreams or desires. Valentina had failed in his expectations to her husband.

Pappa then failed to comply with Valentina’s Western materialistic attitude. Their relationship failed to last because Valentina attached herself to having affairs with other men. Vera and Nadia saved their father but all that their father’s possessions were cheated to Valentina. They also had settled to reconciliation. (Milks) In the end, it will be realized that all the dreams and desires lead to failure. “To survive is to win,” Pappa tells Nadia.

And if in no certain concrete reason, having the dreams and desires fulfilled may be possible but of not as greater importance as that which is aspired provided that every characters’ purpose is not the personal sake of survival but of a selflessly directed visions.


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