Top-10 Russian BWA providers

Wimax spending will go from 22. 5% of all broadband wireless spend in 2006 to be the dominant platform in the market, with a 63% share. The task of determining the Top-10 Russian BWA providers was challenging. Little Information is available regarding most BWA providers’ shareholders/owners, financial results, subscriber base or pricing plans. However, we were able to obtain insights from industry experts, analysts and service providers themselves. (Mironeko & Fellah, 2006)

Brazilian cellular communications has grown rapidly, with total subscribers at 5 million as of the end of August 2005, up 42% from a year earlier. ANATEL – the Telecommunications Regulator Agency (Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes) – announced that this figure reached 85 million at the end of 2005, which would make Brazil the fourth largest cellular subscriber base in the world. In this respect, Brazil has been one of the two most active Latin American nations, along with Mexico, in promoting broadband fixed wireless services and in testing both fixed and portable solutions. (Prado and Fellah) These drills into one of the biggest issues of WiMAX and broadband wireless; the backhaul.

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The concept behind the WiMAX wireless backhaul is readily understood, but with a dizzying array of products coming from different manufacturers, wouldn’t it be nice to know how stuff really worked? Review real-world implementation, analysis and field-testing results from CWLab, and you’ll learn the true capabilities of the various WiMAX backhaul solutions available on the market today. There is intensifying focus on the rural communities, partly because of their increasing spending power, partly because of the need for large operators to penetrate new markets as their old ones saturate or become over-competitive.

A new interest in rural access is stimulated by the availability of more cost effective technology choices, such as wireless broadband, and the promise of new spectrum options that will enable more attractive business models. Throw in a heavy dose of government pressure, and many rural communities in North America are set to be offered a far wider choice of communications options in the second half of the decade. This will not come, however, without casualties, and we can expect to see widespread operator consolidation, a significant shift in the pattern of providers and pricing, and – ironically (Rethink research Associates, 2006)

The Russian report contains data and analysis on the current opportunities and challenges of the Russian BWA/WiMAX markets. The report also provides forecasts of key Russian markets up to 2010. An in-depth review and analysis of the top ten BWA/WiMAX potential service providers was conducted to understand the current Russian market activity. An overall understanding of the Russian Federation market would be incomplete without a detailed review and analysis of spectrum activity and overall regulation, which constitute a central part of this report.

Keywords Stated in Research Associates 2006: Global WiMAX infrastructure spending will rocket from $655m today to $7. 36bn by 2009, just three short years away, according to a brand new report from Rethink Research. WiMAX spending will go from 22. 5% of all broadband wireless spend in 2006 to be the dominant platform in the market, with a 63% share. This is the first piece of research to state definitively how much money will be spent on WiMAX equipment, including core networking – in which countries, and for which applications.

The report draws entirely on operators’ spending plans rather than vendor estimates. Rethink has enjoyed confidential access to the spending plans of over 200 service providers from all round the world, including how much money they have committed to future WiMAX spending, and how much they have spent so far in building out standard and pre-certified WiMAX networks. The next few years will show a remarkable pattern, with European spending skyrocketing and taking up 56% of 2006 WiMAX spending, only to be caught


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